Saturday, August 5, 2017

why I stopped updating my blog?

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing great. 

I’ve been meaning to write a post about why I decided to stop updating and creating for my blog. It’s been around a year and a half now since I stopped posting and I couldn’t really bring myself to say goodbye to something that I created nearly six years ago, considering how much time and money I had invested in it, and not only that – I invested myself in it. It was something that I enjoyed doing with all my heart. Each and every day I would think about new ways to improve, I would constantly get new things to showcase and review and I loved doing all of that.

As my blog got better, it gained more page views, more audience and with all that – more content stealers and copycats. I began seeing many of my nail designs copied by other bloggers, some even straight up stole my photos with cropped out watermark. It was disheartening. All the time and effort that I put in creating a design (and believe me when I say it’s not something you slap on in a few minutes) going down the drain. And the funny thing was, these “bloggers” made money out of it. Out of my content…

I found my photos on other blogs – Blogger did nothing in response to my reports. Most of them were on Pinterest – Pinterest did nothing in response to my reports. Companies that sold the nail polishes I swatched would take my photos without permission and used them to sell nail polishes and make money on their online stores. So, I started getting disappointed and thinking to myself “Why even bother?” when someone is going to steal it over and over again. So I started posting less and less, until I stopped for good.

Truth be told, I have a full time job now and I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to post as I used to even if I wanted to start all over again. I feel like with everything that happened I even got  So in a way, I came to say goodbye. Will I ever post again? Maybe. Maybe not… There’s one thing that I will always appreciate and that’s the support and lovely comments I always got from my followers.

Thank you for reading my blog throughout the years!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

menow long lasting lip gloss review

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's Eve and I wish you all well. I will start this year off with a non-nail post, because I am trying to create more versatile posts rather than just nail related ones. Not too long ago I found out about the MeNow "lip glosses" which are essentialy matte liquid lipsticks. I really wanted to try them, but even after watching so many YouTube videos I couldn't decide on the shades and in the end I picked up just four which I will show you today.

They are really inexpensive, the price goes from $0.9 up to $3, depending on the seller. Speaking of, I do recommend checking the seller's background because I did have some problems and had to reorder. Without further ado, here are the lippie swatches...

The first shade is 18. This one is a pink toned nude, looks very natural and I think that it will suit lighter to medium tones better. It is a bit patchy, so I did apply two coats. The problem with these (and many other liquid lipsticks) is that if you add more than two coats it tends to flake (as you can see near the inner part of my lips). I haven't worn this shade for too long as it was very sticky and uncomfortable to wear. The removal part was pretty hard, but nothing a little micellar water can't help with.

Moving on to shade 22. This one is my favorite of them all. 22 is a berry purple shade. The formula is quite different than the lighter shades for some reason and the application is much, much smoother. It has full coverage in one coat, so you don't need to drag it around and cause flaking. Because the formula was much more liquid than the lighter shades, the applications isn't as precise, but using lip liner will surely eliminate that problem. Removal is much easier, as well.

The third shade is 30. This one is a grey toned light brown. Unfortunately, this one is really unflattering for me and I won't be wearing it much. It had the same ups and downs as 18 which leads me to believe that maybe the lighter shades are thicker in order to solve problems with coverage. Of course I can't be sure with trying only 2 of each, but you might want to think about this if you are going to purchase them.

And the last one is 33. This one is my second favorite. 33 is a lovely warm toned medium red shade. The perfect Christmas shade if you ask me. Just as 22, the application was effortless, without too much fuss. The flaking that you can notice on the photo is because I swatched this one last and my lips were pretty much done by that point.

Overall, I was really impressed by the two darker shades that I tried. The application was beyond my expectations, especially considering the price. The lighter ones, on the other hand, failed to impress me which leads me to believe that the whole collection has inconsistent formula. They are quite long lasting, they lasted through an entire dinner date with just one touch-up. In the end I can only vouch for two of these shades which were 22 and 33. The rest would be up to you, as it is obvious that it's more of a "trial and error" type of choice.

I hope you enjoyed the swatches.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 16, 2015

ready for fall

Hey everyone!
Today I'm going to show you my current NOTW which is kind of fall-y, a bit of tribal-y, you know - the usual.

I began by applying a purple base and using a cosmetic sponge I made a black to purple gradient. I waited a couple of minutes before the gradient dried and added top coat. I stamped a triangular, tribal pattern using BornPrettyStore's stamping plate BP-77 in silver. Since I wanted the gradient to show up better, I added a coat of Golden Rose Matte Top Coat.

Used products:
• Golden Rose Color Expert 60 (black)
• Golden Rose Rich Color 27 (purple)
• Flormar 112 (silver)
• Golden Rose Matte Top Coat
• BP-77 (stamping plate)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

glitter galore

Hey everyone!
Today I have the last product from BornPrettyStore that I'm going to show you for now. The nail vinyl craze is happening for a while now and I wanted in on it. What I love about nail vinyl manicures is that you can easily create gradient and glitter patterns which don't turn out nice looking with stamps. I decided to try doing a glitter pattern because I never say no to glitter.

First off, I applied a fast drying polish in a deep purple shade and I waited at least 15-20 minutes for it to dry and afterwards I applied a fast drying top coat. These steps are crucial if you don't want your base color to get picked up by the stickiness of the vinyl. Since my nails aren't as long as the vinlys, I cut them in half (except for the thumb) and I stuck them to the back of my hand. The natural oils from your hands will remove some of the stickiness which combined with the waiting and fast drying top coat will definitely not ruin your base.

The next step was of course the glitter. I actually used a textured polish which I appilied to a sponge and began sponging on top of the vinyl. I did so in order to stop excess buildup and bumpy manicure. I added another layer of glitter, this time using a golden holographic polish. The end result was a really gorgeous and sparkly manicure.

Used products:
• Rimmel London Deliciously Dark
• Golden Rose Holiday 58
• Miss Selene 171

Overall, I'm quite impressed by these nail vinyls and how they did their job. However, I must mention that I was disappointed by the fact that you only get 6 of each design, or 12 vinyls total. That means that if you want all ten nails to look the same, you will definitely have to cut them or even reuse some. The problem comes if you actually use glitter, because it might transfer on places you don't want it to.
Nonetheless, I still did enjoy using them and I'm going to get my hands on different designs in the future.

You can check them out on the following link:
You can use my coupon code - SJ10K31 for 10% off your order.

Born Pretty Nail Art

Thanks for reading!
Some of the products were sent to me for review. However, my opinion will always be 100% honest.

Monday, October 12, 2015

black negative space

Hey everyone!
I am continuing the series of manicures that I created using a few BornPrettyStore products and today I will show you one of my all time favorite manicures that I've created. I wanted to do a negative space such as this one in a long time, but the problem was I didn't have the proper wider striping tape and that's where BPS came in :)

What I love most about it is that it was really easy to do. First of, I applied the tape in the pattern that I wanted. I used two different types of striping tape - wider and thinner. I applied my black nail polish and a thick, glossy top coat. And that is literally it.

To me, this wider striping tape is much more versatile as compared to the thinner ones. They are a pain in the butt and I hate using them. There I said it... I loved this striping tape because it doesn't create air bubbles, you can cut it easily and it doesn't curl which is a common problems with some striping tapes. I see myself using it a lot.
I wouldn't recommend it as an overlay striping tape (such as the colorful thin ones), I think that it is more of a tool for creating stripes, rather than a decoration.

I also wanted to incorporate the nail foil that I got from BPS as well, but I must admit that I ended up ruining this mani :( It just doesn't work with this design.

The foil itself is really nice quality. Of course, you need foil glue in order to apply it, but the application is amazing, it doesn't stick and doesn't pull the glue apart. The foil didn't shrink or wrinkle when I added the top coat over it and, most important of all, it kept its holographic and metallic look.

Used products:
• Golden Rose Color Expert 60
Striping Tape
Holographic Nail Foil

You can check the products out on the following links:
You can use my coupon code - SJ10K31 for 10% off your order.

Born Pretty Nail Art

Thanks for reading!
Some of the products were sent to me for review. However, my opinion will always be 100% honest.