Wednesday, August 3, 2011

arabian glow collection by avon

What I have for you today is the Arabian Glow nail polish collection by Avon. I think that it was introduced about 2-3 years ago. These polishes come in the small sized bottles, rather than the 12ml ones.

First up is Teal Infusion. It's a beautiful shimmery teal polish. It's sheer, so applying 3 coats of more will give you full coverage. Not good for stamping. The drying time is fast.
Even though it's almost too sheer to wear it by itself, it's definitely my favorite of this collection.

Next up is Purple Passion. It's a purple polish with blue shimmer. It has the same problem, it's sheer, but not as sheer as Teal Infusion. Because of that it's not good for stamping, though it might show on brighter colors. The drying time is fast. This is my second favorite.

And last up is Gold Lustre. It's a shimmery gold polish. Like the other two of this collection it's sheer, but 2 coats will do just fine. You might get good results with stamping, especially on dark colors. This one is my least favorite of them all. I don't think that gold polishes go along with my tan, they make my skin look weird.

Overall, this collection is consisted of three beautiful polishes which look great in summer. Because they are sheer they can be used as toppers, so I'm planning on making a special post where I'll layer them on black.

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