Tuesday, August 9, 2011

avon mirror shine silver foil + crackle

Avon Mirror Shine Silver Foil is one of my first nail polishes and definitely deserves a special post. It's a silver nail polish that dries matte-like, but I'm not really sure about that since it's a metallic. It's opaque in only 1 coat and dries super fast, so you'll need to work fast with this one. There are many things that I love about this polish, but there is only one thing I love the most. This baby is the king of stamping polishes :) I'm kind of sorry that I didn't buy the other shades when I had the chance to, because now they're discontinued.

Recently I bought Golden Rose Graffiti Nail Art 05, a purple crackle polish, because it was the only one left. Apparently the crackle craze has finally found its way in Macedonia :D I mean seriously? I waited so long to get a crackle polish and I found only one. Anyway, I layered it on top of Silver Foil. This was the best combination I did with this crackle so far.

Golden Rose Graffiti Nail Art 05 - 1 coat (click for larger)

I'm definitely getting more crackles once I have the money :D

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  1. I used to use the foil colored Mirror Shine polish allll the time. Like no joke, hands down best silver color I've ever used.
    They discontinued the mirror polishes for a while, bu they brought them back recently. But unfortunately, they kept the silver a one-of-a-kind color and only have a bright pink, purple, blue, pink lemonade color, and peach. It's just not the same as the silver foil, but I still did purchase them all.
    I also remember having a sort of light maroonish berry color that was part of the silver foil's collection. That one dried out a lot earlier though. :(


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