Monday, August 22, 2011

glitter bomb pt. 2

Around two weeks ago in this post I showed you my six new hex loose glitters. I thought that I'd be able to show them in a few consecutive posts, but as it turned out they're a pain in the ass. Today I'll show you the silver one. It has the strongest holo effect, but I'm not too keen on the color - it looks kind of plain.

(click for larger)

I only had the chance to work with two of them and since they're loose I tried two different ways of application. I applied the turquoise one using a clear top coat. I will advise you not to use this method. Why? Because when you dip the wet brush in the container you'll end up with a chunk of glitter on the it. The top coat will no longer be usable because of the glitter that will end up in the nail polish. This may not sound that bad, but believe me it is. I actually applied a very thick layer of glitter and it took me around 45 minutes to remove it.
The second method worked way better than the first one. I used a fan brush, picked up some glitter with it and lightly went over the nail. The result was much better and the removal was a dream. If you compare the photo from the previous post and from this one, you'll see that in the previous post my nails look like I've spilled the glitter on them :) I noticed that when you use the top coat method the glitter doesn't spread all over your nails. Instead it just builds up on the previous layer.

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