Thursday, August 4, 2011

holos = ♥

Today I'll show you two holographic nail polishes that I own.
For those who don't know, holographic polishes have glitter which changes its color when exposed to light. But, what makes it so special is that it doesn't change only to one color, but all the colors of the rainbow. To put it simple, these polishes make your nails look like you have a rainbow on them :) Now the effects is more visible on direct sunlight, but this depends of the nail polish - some are more subtle than others.

I'm going to start with Catherine Arley 674. It's a sheer greyish blue holo. It doesn't look really good by itself, I've tried layering on top of a blue nail polish and it looked way better. It looks very dull in the bottle, but when the gorgeous holo effect starts showing, it's a whole other story from there. Although the effect isn't very strong, I still like this polish.

The second holo that I'll show you today is Catherine Arley 675. It's a raspberry pink holo. This one is not as sheer as 674, but still you need around 3 coats to get full coverage. The effect is really strong, it's visible even on artificial light.

I liked this color so much I decided to wear it as a full manicure. I stamped a butterfly from the Hello Kitty stamping plate from Born Pretty Store and added a small silver rhinestone in the middle.

Base color: Catherine Arley 675
Stamping color: Orkide Olivia 51
Stamping plate: M71 (from Born Pretty store)
(click for larger)
And for this one I layered 647 over a blue creme polish. Then, on top of 674, I added 675. The result was this beautiful purple holo manicure.

(click for larger)
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