Wednesday, August 3, 2011

summer colors by avon

Every year Avon adds new polishes on the market, but for some reason this year it "introduced" the same colors that were available a few years back. I'm going to show you Viva Pink, Sunshine and Coral Bikini.

Viva Pink is a Persian rose pink cr‬è‪me (according to Wikipedia colors). What I love about Avon's polishes is the wide brush that allows you to paint your nails with 2-3 strokes. It's very opaque, gives full coverage in only one coat and it's good for stamping on brighter colors. I know that the nails look hideous, I was painting some fake nails and stuck them with some adhesive putty just for the swatch. I don't like this color very much, I expected it to be more neon like.

Sunshine is a yellow cr‬è‪me. It's not a special polish, I've seen much better yellows than this one. It's opaque in 2 coats and it's not that good for stamping. I like yellow colors, but I'm not too keen on this one.

The last polish for this post, is also one of my favorite polishes.
Coral Bikini is a coral red cr‬è‪me. I don't usually wear reds, but when I do it's Coral Bikini. It's opaque in only one coat and it's great for stamping on bright colors. I'm in love with this shade!

Another thing that I love about Avon's polishes is that they're not too thick and not too thin. They are perfect for water marble. Here's one that I did using Coral Bikini and Sunshine.

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  1. Super water marble, prave si boje izabrala :)

  2. Комбинацијата од бои потсетува на националното знаме. =)
    Ги обожавам лаковите на Авон, иако малце скапички, си вредат за секој денар.
    Интересен пост, браво.


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