Sunday, September 25, 2011

golden rose paris nail lacquer 73 and another fall manicure

Hello everyone! Like I said in the last post, I love fall. Three reasons for that: I was born in fall, I love all those yellow dried leaves in the parks and on the streets and I love to wear my beautiful fall shades.
Today I'm going to show you Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 73, a lovely chocolate brown cr‬è‪me. It's opaque in one thick or two thinner coats. In the shade it looks almost black, but on the sunshine it's very, very beautiful.
Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 73 - 2 coats (click for larger)

I imagined it'd look great with something gold, so I stamped a flower pattern on top of it.

Base color: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 73
Stamping color: Golden Rose Nail Art 108
Stamping plate: BM-221
(click for larger)
Like I said in the previous post, I'm leaving for Prague tomorrow and I'm still packing, so I managed to write a quick post during my short break :) That means I won't be blogging for a week, but I'll  make up for it when I come back.

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

crushed stone

Hello everyone :)
I promised I'd post more often, but unfortunately I wasn't able to do so. Today I'll write three posts - two of them will be scheduled for the next two days (hopefully they'll show up). I won't post anything next week, because I'm going to Prague, but after I come back (with some new nail polishes) I'll continue to post regularly.
Now something about today's post...
I'm going to show you a beautiful light grey shade from Golden Rose. Skopje's weather pretty much made a huge leap from summer to fall. Three days ago it was hot as hell and a day after it started pouring like never before (and it continued until today). So I thought to myself that it was time to start wearing the beautiful fall colors.
Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 134 is a light grey cr‬è‪me that's opaque in two coats. A while ago, when I wrote my post about Essence Movie Star, I said that I couldn't find any other local brand that made grey cr‬è‪mes. The grey/silver polishes from Golden Rose (and the other local brands) are mostly shimmery or pearly. Almost a month ago I spotted this beauty and I was pleasantly surprised. I think that Golden Rose is looking up to the higher quality brands and they're trying to duplicate them. This fact makes me happy, because brands like China Glaze or OPI are unavailable here and even if they were, they'd be very expensive.

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 134 - 2 coats (click for larger)

And here's just a quick stamping I did (you'll see that I did it quick by the smudges and missing parts of the image).
Base color: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 134
Stamping color: Golden Rose Matte 12
Stamping plate: BM-208
(click for larger)
Thanks for reading :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

claire's mood polish happy/earthy

Hello everyone!
This nail polish was a gift from my friend who recently visited the USA. I was very excited to see how it actually works. I wore it only two times, but it was very fun seeing the color changing. On with the post now...

Claire's Mood Polish Happy/Earthy is a green matte. I had to describe the color only as green, because both shades this polish has are very different. The brightest shade this polish has is a neon 'almost yellow' green, while the darkest is a dark green (though I couldn't capture it good on the photos). You can see how that looks on the photos below. I used three coats for the swatch. This polish dries really fast, but you need a lot of coats to make it fully opaque.

The brighter part is not very accurate.
You can see the color change on the tips, though it's not that visible because the weather here is still extremely hot.
Of course, I did a manicure with stamping. I chose this image because the (official) end of the summer is very, very near and I'm really happy about this.

Base color: Claire's Mood Polish Happy/Earthy
Stamping color: Golden Rose Matte 12
Stamping plate: BM-225
(click for larger)
(click for larger)
(click for larger)
As you can see, in this post I put more photos taken under different light. Do you think posts with more photos of the same manicure are better or not? Leave your opinion in the comments. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

avon peppermint leaf & some stamping

Hello everyone! What I have for you today is yet another stamping post (I'm planing to write a lot of these). I'm getting good at stamping full images and that fact makes me really happy.

First of all, I'm going to show you Avon Peppermint Leaf, a minty green cr‬è‪me. It's opaque in only one coat, but as always I used two coats for the swatch. Unfortunately I forgot to set the white balance and the photo below turned out a bit colder, but if you look at the color drop (or the photo with the stamping) you can see the true color of this polish. It's good for stamping and dries really fast even though it's not from Avon's Speed Dry + line. I was expecting a brighter color and I don't really like this shade. I'm not saying that the polish itself is bad or anything, it's just that it didn't leave me a good impression.

Right after my lovely stamping plates arrived I began a search for the perfect black stamping polish. This resulted in buying three different blacks in a period of two weeks. I did this because all of the cr‬è‪mes I bought wouldn't stamp good. Some of them weren't opaque enough and others would just smudge and make gaps (see the photo below). And then a miracle happened! Golden Rose put their mattes on the market. From previous experiences I knew that mattes stamp good and I bought a black one right away. All I can say is that it is perfect! I will show you the results soon, but for now you can "enjoy" the smudged (read: abstract) flowers I stamped over Peppermint Leaf.

Base color: Avon Peppermint Leaf
Stamping color: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 71
Stamping plate: BM-204
(click for larger)
And the last thing for today is one of my frankens which I decided to call Minty (not very creative, I know). Just like I said, I wasn't very satisfied with the color of Peppermint Leaf, so I added a few drops of it in an almost empty bottle of white nail polish. I loved the result, but I don't have it anymore because I spend polishes really quickly :)

Thanks for reading :)

p.s. Sorry for the lack of posts. I'll try to write as many posts as possible this weekend and post them during the next week.

Monday, September 12, 2011

magical butterflies

Hello everyone! Finally I found some free time to write a new blog post.

Today I'm going to show you Gabrini Elegant 352, a beautiful sky blue cr‬è‪me. It's opaque in only one coat, but I always tend to put another one just to make all the nails look smooth and nice. It's good for stamping and I have some fun ideas for the future :) Blue nail polishes are one of my favorites, but I don't buy them unless they are very special, like this one.

Gabrini Elegant 352 - 2 coats (click for larger)

And of course, I'm still super excited about my Bundle Monster stamping plates and I actually made a few different stamping manicures during my little break from blogging. Just like the title of the post says, I was going for a magical look, so I stamped the butterflies using a gold nail polish.
Sorry for the weird photo, it's the only one I have of this manicure. As you may notice it's my right hand because I liked it more than the left one. I'm not used to photographing with my left hand and it's basically impossible since I take the photos with a dSLR.

Base color: Gabrini Elegant 352
Stamping color: Golden Rose Nail Art 108
Stamping plate: BM-205
(click for larger)
And a close-up of my thumb which turned out the best.

(click for larger)
Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

the collection (picture heavy)

Hello everyone :)
I finally got around to photographing my nail polishes. I haven't been feeling the best these days, that's why I don't post every day. The names of the polishes will be written in order, left to right. Most of them are grouped by brand, so I'll write it only once. You can click the images to view them larger. Let's get started! :)

Avon: Peppermint Leaf, Twilight Blue, Coral Bikini, Red Wine
Avon Arabian Glow Collection: Purple Passion, Teal Infusion, Gold Lustre
Color Trend: Pink , Delicious Berry, Refreshing Pear
Avon Mirror Shine Silver Foil, Color Trend: Café Au Lait, Minimalistic Peach
Flormar: 393, Supershine 14
Gabrini Pacific: 132, 17
Golden Rose: 329 (w/ protein), 05 (graffiti), 22 (fashion color)
Orkide Olivia: 121, - (no number)
Catherine Arley: 54, 63, 183
Catherine Arley: 674, 675
Catherine Arley: 700, 714, 917
H&M: French Smoke, Glitter Silver
Golden Rose Nail Art: 107, 108
Classics: 54, 60, 76
Gabrini Elegant: 322, 343, 347
Gabrini Elegant: 352, 374, 376, 385
Golden Rose Paris: 04, 32, 70
Golden Rose Paris: 71, 73, 108
Golden Rose Paris: 119, 120, 134
Golden Rose Paris: 204, 225
Essence Movie Star, Maybelline Colorama Urban Orange
Orkide Artist 09, Aura 226, Claire's Mood Polish Happy/Earthy
Frankens: Pink & Gold, Concrete Jungle, Dirt
Frankens: 13, Mermaid, Green Apple
Frankens: Jasmine, Galaxy In A Bottle, Atomic Tangerine
Frankens: Oceanica, Cotton Candy, Starry Night
Others: Avon's Base Coat, Essence Quick Dry Top Coat, Aura (mixed treatments), Essence Matt Top Coat
Phew, that was exhausting! So far I have a total of 72 nail polishes (top coats, base coats and treatments not included). I'll try to keep the number of polishes under 100, just so that my family won't think I'm crazy or something :D

Thanks for reading :)

p.s. This is my 30th post (yay!).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i love stamping!

I couldn't think of a better title for this post. I'm going to show you two stamping manicures I did using my new Bundle Monster plates.
Before I start about the manicures I just want to say that Bundle Monster are an awesome company and they have an excellent customer service. I had a small problem with the plates - I received a duplicate of BM-205, but instead I didn't get BM-221. I wasn't going to bother with this, but I realized that the missing plate was one of my favorites. I contacted them and they were very kind. The missing plate is on its way and they let me keep the duplicate one. How cool is that?

I decided to use the first stamping plate of the set BM-201. I didn't have any nail polish remover left, so I just stamped over the polish I was already wearing and this was only the beginning of my stamping disaster. I had layered a glitter (which is almost invisible) over the blue polish and this made the stamping more difficult. In addition, the polish remover I already have is oil-based and it left some residue on the plates making the stamping process even more difficult. As if this wasn't enough, the residue made them look all scratched and old. Can you imagine destroying your brand new plates on the first use? I almost cried. At first I thought that the polish remover had a chemical reaction with the metal that the plates are made of. I started searching over the Internet for a solution and no one seemed to have a similar problem with the plates. I didn't even think that the oil in the polish remover could be the problem, since I was busy panicking. When I finally calmed down a bit and started thinking straight I noticed that my old stamping plates had the same residue, but because they're already scratched it was barely visible. The next day I bought a bottle of pure acetone, cleaned the plates with it and they got their shine back. I was soooo relieved and happy I had to make another manicure :)

Here's the first one. This was my first full image stamping and I was learning which way is the best. The white polish is the best one I've used for stamping so far. I don't like how this turned out, so I may stamp the same image soon.

Base color: Catherine Arley 714
Stamping color: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 04
Stamping plate: BM-201
(click for larger)
Here's my second attempt and it's way better than the first one :)

Base color: Avon Twilight Blue
Stamping color: Avon Mirror Shine Silver Foil
Stamping plate: BM-201
(click for larger)

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the stamping plates and I can't wait to do more manicures with them.

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

got any grapes?

Hello everyone :)
Today I'm going to show you one of the polishes that ended my 2 month break from buying polishes :) I actually wanted to finish all the old stuff that I had already swatched, but this turned out so cute I had to share it (plus I'm very, very impatient). I decided to write a stamping related post because I'm very excited that my 25 Bundle Monster stamping plates arrived today! I didn't have the time to try them, since I started school and it's really hot these days, but that's going to happen very soon :)
On with the post now...

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 108 is a grape purple cr‬è‪me. It's opaque in 2 coats, but I don't think it would be good for stamping (though I haven't tried it out yet). I love, love, love this color. I actually love all the purples, but this caught my eye in the local nail polish shop.

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 108 - 2 coats (click for larger)

Since I've already painted my nails with this beauty and it reminded me of grapes any time I saw it, I decided to stamp these cute grape images from the M71 plate from Born Pretty store (aka The Hello Kitty plate). I wanted the grapes to stand out, so I used my Avon Mirror Shine in Silver Foil, which is a great stamping polish (as  I've mentioned before). Here's how it all turned out.

Base color: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 108
Stamping color: Avon Mirror Shine Silver Foil
Stamping plate: M71 (from Born Pretty store)
(click for larger)
Thanks for reading :)

p.s. It has been a month since I started blogging actively and I want to thank my followers who inspired me to continue blogging :)