Monday, September 19, 2011

claire's mood polish happy/earthy

Hello everyone!
This nail polish was a gift from my friend who recently visited the USA. I was very excited to see how it actually works. I wore it only two times, but it was very fun seeing the color changing. On with the post now...

Claire's Mood Polish Happy/Earthy is a green matte. I had to describe the color only as green, because both shades this polish has are very different. The brightest shade this polish has is a neon 'almost yellow' green, while the darkest is a dark green (though I couldn't capture it good on the photos). You can see how that looks on the photos below. I used three coats for the swatch. This polish dries really fast, but you need a lot of coats to make it fully opaque.

The brighter part is not very accurate.
You can see the color change on the tips, though it's not that visible because the weather here is still extremely hot.
Of course, I did a manicure with stamping. I chose this image because the (official) end of the summer is very, very near and I'm really happy about this.

Base color: Claire's Mood Polish Happy/Earthy
Stamping color: Golden Rose Matte 12
Stamping plate: BM-225
(click for larger)
(click for larger)
(click for larger)
As you can see, in this post I put more photos taken under different light. Do you think posts with more photos of the same manicure are better or not? Leave your opinion in the comments. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Really nice colors!


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