Thursday, September 8, 2011

the collection (picture heavy)

Hello everyone :)
I finally got around to photographing my nail polishes. I haven't been feeling the best these days, that's why I don't post every day. The names of the polishes will be written in order, left to right. Most of them are grouped by brand, so I'll write it only once. You can click the images to view them larger. Let's get started! :)

Avon: Peppermint Leaf, Twilight Blue, Coral Bikini, Red Wine
Avon Arabian Glow Collection: Purple Passion, Teal Infusion, Gold Lustre
Color Trend: Pink , Delicious Berry, Refreshing Pear
Avon Mirror Shine Silver Foil, Color Trend: Café Au Lait, Minimalistic Peach
Flormar: 393, Supershine 14
Gabrini Pacific: 132, 17
Golden Rose: 329 (w/ protein), 05 (graffiti), 22 (fashion color)
Orkide Olivia: 121, - (no number)
Catherine Arley: 54, 63, 183
Catherine Arley: 674, 675
Catherine Arley: 700, 714, 917
H&M: French Smoke, Glitter Silver
Golden Rose Nail Art: 107, 108
Classics: 54, 60, 76
Gabrini Elegant: 322, 343, 347
Gabrini Elegant: 352, 374, 376, 385
Golden Rose Paris: 04, 32, 70
Golden Rose Paris: 71, 73, 108
Golden Rose Paris: 119, 120, 134
Golden Rose Paris: 204, 225
Essence Movie Star, Maybelline Colorama Urban Orange
Orkide Artist 09, Aura 226, Claire's Mood Polish Happy/Earthy
Frankens: Pink & Gold, Concrete Jungle, Dirt
Frankens: 13, Mermaid, Green Apple
Frankens: Jasmine, Galaxy In A Bottle, Atomic Tangerine
Frankens: Oceanica, Cotton Candy, Starry Night
Others: Avon's Base Coat, Essence Quick Dry Top Coat, Aura (mixed treatments), Essence Matt Top Coat
Phew, that was exhausting! So far I have a total of 72 nail polishes (top coats, base coats and treatments not included). I'll try to keep the number of polishes under 100, just so that my family won't think I'm crazy or something :D

Thanks for reading :)

p.s. This is my 30th post (yay!).


  1. Odlichna kolekcija..

  2. Уф, да имав барем половина од овие ќе бев мноогу задоволна! =)


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