Thursday, September 22, 2011

crushed stone

Hello everyone :)
I promised I'd post more often, but unfortunately I wasn't able to do so. Today I'll write three posts - two of them will be scheduled for the next two days (hopefully they'll show up). I won't post anything next week, because I'm going to Prague, but after I come back (with some new nail polishes) I'll continue to post regularly.
Now something about today's post...
I'm going to show you a beautiful light grey shade from Golden Rose. Skopje's weather pretty much made a huge leap from summer to fall. Three days ago it was hot as hell and a day after it started pouring like never before (and it continued until today). So I thought to myself that it was time to start wearing the beautiful fall colors.
Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 134 is a light grey cr‬è‪me that's opaque in two coats. A while ago, when I wrote my post about Essence Movie Star, I said that I couldn't find any other local brand that made grey cr‬è‪mes. The grey/silver polishes from Golden Rose (and the other local brands) are mostly shimmery or pearly. Almost a month ago I spotted this beauty and I was pleasantly surprised. I think that Golden Rose is looking up to the higher quality brands and they're trying to duplicate them. This fact makes me happy, because brands like China Glaze or OPI are unavailable here and even if they were, they'd be very expensive.

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 134 - 2 coats (click for larger)

And here's just a quick stamping I did (you'll see that I did it quick by the smudges and missing parts of the image).
Base color: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 134
Stamping color: Golden Rose Matte 12
Stamping plate: BM-208
(click for larger)
Thanks for reading :)


  1. Прекрасна боја!
    Ми се допаѓа :)


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