Sunday, October 30, 2011

green apple + a swirly manicure

I've been gone again. Not for that long, but it seems to me like it's been a while. I both love and hate this time of the year. Fall is finally here, the weather is getting colder and colder, the leaves are turning yellow and everything is simply beautiful. On the other hand, school is getting harder and harder, I have a bunch of tests coming up in the next two weeks and I may be gone again. I feel so uninspired right now. I can't even paint my nails properly. I'm only posting this so that I don't forget that I have a blog and that I need to take care of it once in a while.

Green Apple is one of the polishes I've mixed myself. It's a light green polish with white shimmer in it. To make this nail polish I mixed a generous amount of Avon Sunshine and just a bit of Catherine Arley 714

Green Apple - 2 coats (click for larger)

Here's how it looks mattified. I used Essence Matt Top Coat for this.

(click for larger)
I love this swirly design :)

Base color: Green Apple (franken)
Stamping color: Golden Rose Matte 12
Stamping plate: BM-201

And a close-up.

(click for larger)
Thanks for reading :) I hope I'll be able to write another post soon.

Monday, October 24, 2011

maybelline mini colorama honey crystals

Good morning! :)
I don't usually write posts on Mondays, but yesterday was a national holiday, so today (almost) everyone gets to stay at home :)
Maybelline Mini Colorama Honey Crystals is a topper that has got golden flecks and round silver glitter. It can actually be worn by itself, but it's very sheer and your nails may look kind of yellow-ish. The name - Honey Crystals is perfect for this nail polish, mostly because of the silver glitter polish. I actually love the gold-silver combo which in many cases can be a bit overwhelming, but not this time.

Maybelline Honey Crystals - 2 coats (click for larger)

I'll probably write another post this evening, because this one was super short.

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

random blues & greens

A while ago I separated all of my nail polishes by color because I wanted to see which colors are dominating. The result was quite unexpected - pink was the color of quite a few of the polishes. I'm saying this was unexpected because I'm going crazy after every blue and green I see, yet I somehow managed to get away with a handful of pinks. Today I'm going to show you some old stuff. At first I wanted to reswatch all of the polishes taken with the old camera, but I realised that's a lot of swatching and decided to post them as randoms. Also, I'm in the process of moving my files from my old computer to this one and I haven't managed to finish that yet :)

Let's go with the blues first...

Gabrini Elegant 385 is a blue nail polish with tons of silver shimmer. I can't really determine whether it's a lighter or slightly darker blue, because it keeps changing as a result of the silver shimmer, so let's just call it blue :) It looks kind of frosty. It's opaque in 2 coats.

Gabrini Elegant 385 - 2 coats (click for larger)

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 121 is an ink blue cr‬è‪me that's opaque in 2 coats. It's absolutely one of my favorites, but unfortunately I don't own it anymore :( It's almost a jelly, but I've noticed that similar colored polishes look like jellies, too.

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 121 - 2 coats (click for larger)

And the two greens I have for you today...

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 225 is a gorgeous light sea green nail polish with greenish shimmer. This is one of the polishes that are responsible for my nail polish obsession :) I have spent a lot of it and I'm not sure that I'll find it again (because these numbers keep changing), so I decided not to use it anymore. It's opaque in 2-3 coats.

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 225 - 2 coats (click for larger)

And now I give you the most horrible nail polish EVER - Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 76. I just hate when nail polishes look so beautiful in the bottle and they turn out to be a piece of s***. It's a very, very sheer light green polish (very similar to the one above) with blue glitter. The reason why I bought it is probably the unique glitter, but I would have never guessed it's so horrible. Even 4 coats aren't enough for full opacity. And it makes your nails look like you've had them wrapped in cucumber peels for days.

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 76 - 4 coats (click for larger)
Sorry, no color drop for this one. I was wondering whether I should throw it away or something. But I mixed it with some blue and darker green, so it would be more opaque. Swatches of that little experiment are coming soon.

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

golden peacock

Hello! :)
I don't know why, but I'm particularly excited to show you this nail polish and the stamping I did on top of it. So, I'm not going to write a long intro for this post and I'll get right into writing about it :)

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 120 is a beautiful taupe with violet shimmer. When I looked up 'taupe' I found out that there are many different versions of it, so the closest one to this polish is a darker tone of Mauve Taupe (according to Wikipedia Colors). It has a subtle amount of violet shimmer, which is barely visible in the shade. It's opaque in 2 coats.

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 120 (flash) - 2 coats (click for larger) 
Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 120 (daylight) - 2 coats (click for larger) 

The color drop shows the two 'versions' of this nail polish. I bought this polish almost a year ago and the reason I'm particularly excited about it is because it reminds me of Chanel Paradoxal. I saw tons of swatches of it and I must say that I fell in love with it. Paradoxal was the thing last year, but unfortunately Chanel polishes aren't sold here, and even if they were I doubt that I would be able to afford them. So yeah, just like I said - it reminds me of it. Below, you can see a photo I borrowed from, just so that you can see the similarities I'm talking about.

Photo is courtesy of .
I figured it'd go well with a nice golden stamped image on top, so here's what it turned out like.

Base color: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 120
Stamping color: Golden Rose Nail Art 108
Stamping plate: BM - 212
Thanks for reading :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

golden rose matte 12 + crushed stone pt.2

Hello everyone :)
Today I'm going to show you a polish that I mostly use for stamping and I never actually thought of swatching it, until today.
Golden Rose Matte 12 is a black semi-matte nail polish. I haven't been able to try the other so called mattes from the new Golden Rose line, but this one seems like something in between matte and shiny. It looks kind of rubbery. It's opaque in only one coat, but as always I used two for the swatch. What I really love about this polish (besides the fact that it's the most awesome black stamping polish I've ever had) is the fact that the consistency is kind of runnier than expected, at least for a matte. It dries fast, though it takes a while longer than the other mattes I've tried. And one last thing - it doesn't chip as much as other mattes do. After figuring out all these stuff about this nail polish I've concluded that it's definitely not a 'pure' matte.

Golden Rose Matte 12 (flash) - 2 coats (click for larger)
Golden Rose Matte 12 (daylight) - 2 coats (click for larger)
And here's a quick stamping manicure I did. I was experimenting a little bit. I tried to stamp with white over black and as expected I didn't quite get the whitest color possible, but instead it kind of mixed with the black and became a light grey making this manicure look like a stone :) Well, it looks more like a crushed stone than the previous one.

Base color: Golden Rose Matte 12
Stamping color: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 04
Stamping plate: BM-215
Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

the collection pt.2

Hello everyone :)
I made a week long break from blogging because I had some health problems, but now I'm back. Since I made the post about my collection of nail polishes I've bought 10 more. I'm not going to update every time I buy a couple of new polishes, instead I'll update once I buy another 10 (that may be in a week, two weeks, a month or more).
So here are the 10 polishes I bought after I made the first post about my collection.

H&M: Hunt Me Down, Moody Model, Midnight Passion
P2 Last Forever Being In Heaven, Essence Circus Confetti
Gabrini Elegant: 378, 392
Maybelline Mini Colorama Honey Crystals
Golden Rose (w/ protein): 321, 280

You can see photos of the rest of the collection HERE. And the list with swatches on the 'My Collection' page of my blog.

Thanks for reading :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

happy birthday to me!

Well, today is my birthday and I somehow managed to find some time to write this post :) I turned 18 and other than the fact that I'm not a minor anymore, I don't really feel any different.
Today I'm going to show you another two nail polishes that I bought while I was in Prague.

First up is P2 Being In Heaven. It's a very pale pink cr‬è‪me with a hint of peachy orange. It's a bit streaky and sheer, but I only apply two coats for my swatches (and I was in a hurry, so I couldn't bother). It somehow looked special when I bought it, but after I applied it on my nails it didn't look as unique as I thought. This nail polish is from P2's Last Forever line. For some reason P2 has made two completely different nail polishes from different lines with the same name.

The second nail polish is Essence Circus Confetti. It's a multi-colored, multi-sized hexagonal glitter nail polish. It gives nice coverage with only one coat. I didn't add another coat for the swatch because I didn't want the glitter to be overwhelming (and because glitter is very hard to remove). The first swatch photo was taken with flash and that's the reason why the glitter looks kind of dark, but you can see the gorgeous colors on the second photo.
I ended up wearing this as my birthday manicure. It was kind of like a last minute fix, because I screwed up the original idea while getting ready for the party :)

Essence Circus Confetti (flash) - 1 coat (click for larger)
Essence Circus Confetti (daylight) - 1 coat (click for larger)

And here's how it was supposed to look.

(click for larger)
You can see how I did the cupcake here.

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

h&m hunt me down

Today I'm going to show you another one of the H&M nail polishes I purchased while I was in Prague.

H&M Hunt Me Down is a light army green cr‬è‪me that's opaque in two coats. Yet another perfect color for fall. H&M has some seriously awesome colors (and this is the time I wish I had bought more). Just like  H&M Moody Model, this nail polish now has a special place (in my heart?) along with my other favorite polishes.

H&M Hunt Me Down - 2 coats (click for larger)

And here's the same color with some gold lace-like pattern on top.

Base color: H&M Hunt Me Down
Stamping color: Golden Rose Nail Art 108
Stamping plate: BM-209
(click for larger)
Thanks for reading :) 

p.s. I cut my nails because they were getting hard to get around with :D

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

hidden pattern

Last time I showed you swatches of H&M Moody Model. Today I'm going to show you a stamping manicure I did this morning.
I used a metallic light blue nail polish which is a bit sheer and it has a really nice effect on different light conditions. In the shadow it looks like the pattern is not even there, but when exposed to sunlight the small shimmery particles from the metallic nail polish really show :) Here's how that looks.

Base color: H&M Moody Model
Stamping color: Gabrini Elegant 385
Stamping plate: BM-223
(click for larger)
You can see that it's almost invisible, but on the photo below (taken on direct sunlight) it's a whole different story.

(click for larger)
Thanks for reading :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

h&m moody model

Hello everyone!
Just like I promised in the last post, today I'm going to show you one of the nail polishes I bought from Prague.

H&M Moody Model is a dark teal cr‬è‪me, opaque in two coats. It looks very elegant (as some greens and blues tend to be a bit overwhelming). I had no doubt that this would look great once applied. It definitely is my new favorite nail polish! I haven't tried stamping with it yet, but once I do I'll label whether it's good or not on the "My Collection" page of this blog. There's only one thing that I didn't like about this polish - the handle. It was a pain in the a**! If I wanted to paint with the flat part of the brush I had to turn the handle to the most uncomfortable side it has! I just hope that the other polishes I bought don't have the same problem.
Oh, and the bubbles that are somewhat visible on the photo are a result of my base coat rather than the polish itself.

H&M Moody Model - 2 coats (click for larger)

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

back from prague - mini haul sneak peak

Hello everyone :)
I'm finally back from my six day trip to Prague (and a visit to Dresden). Both cities are very beautiful and I had a blast for the past few days. I did some shopping and I bought five new polishes.
Today I'm only going to show you bottle photos of the polishes because I came home just a few hours ago and didn't have time to swatch them. I was especially excited about the H&M polishes, because unfortunately we don't have H&M here in Skopje. You can see that I was going for some fall appropriate colors.

H&M: Hunt Me Down, Moody Model, Midnight Passion
And these two really caught my eye, especially Essence Circus Confetti. That's just a lot of glitter! :)

P2 Last Forever Being In Heaven, Essence Circus Confetti
Can't wait to swatch all of these. I'll most likely write a post about one of them tomorrow.

Thanks for reading :)