Saturday, October 1, 2011

back from prague - mini haul sneak peak

Hello everyone :)
I'm finally back from my six day trip to Prague (and a visit to Dresden). Both cities are very beautiful and I had a blast for the past few days. I did some shopping and I bought five new polishes.
Today I'm only going to show you bottle photos of the polishes because I came home just a few hours ago and didn't have time to swatch them. I was especially excited about the H&M polishes, because unfortunately we don't have H&M here in Skopje. You can see that I was going for some fall appropriate colors.

H&M: Hunt Me Down, Moody Model, Midnight Passion
And these two really caught my eye, especially Essence Circus Confetti. That's just a lot of glitter! :)

P2 Last Forever Being In Heaven, Essence Circus Confetti
Can't wait to swatch all of these. I'll most likely write a post about one of them tomorrow.

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Welcome back! I loved visiting Prague, such a beautiful city. Awesome colors you've got there too!


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