Tuesday, October 4, 2011

hidden pattern

Last time I showed you swatches of H&M Moody Model. Today I'm going to show you a stamping manicure I did this morning.
I used a metallic light blue nail polish which is a bit sheer and it has a really nice effect on different light conditions. In the shadow it looks like the pattern is not even there, but when exposed to sunlight the small shimmery particles from the metallic nail polish really show :) Here's how that looks.

Base color: H&M Moody Model
Stamping color: Gabrini Elegant 385
Stamping plate: BM-223
(click for larger)
You can see that it's almost invisible, but on the photo below (taken on direct sunlight) it's a whole different story.

(click for larger)
Thanks for reading :)

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