Tuesday, November 22, 2011

31 day challenge: day eighteen - half moons

Hello dear readers :) Before I write about today's challenge I just want to thank everyone who has given me their support by following. Today I reached 30 followers. It may not be a lot, but to me it is. So, thank you guys! :)

Today's challenge is HALF MOONS. I'm not a big fan of half moons, I mean not the semi-circle shape. I do like to make triangles instead of moons, but I'm not sure if that counts as half moons. Since I didn't have any french manicure tapes (or anything that's circle shaped and sticky) and freehanding semi-circles isn't my thing, I had to improvise. Somehow I managed to cut out a small half-circle from duct tape and did the manicure with it. Even though I put quite a lot of effort in it, it didn't really turned out as expected.
I used Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 119, a nude cr‬è‪me, for the half moon and Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 73, a dark brown cr‬è‪me, for the rest of the nail. I drew a line between the two colors using Golden Rose Nail Art 108, in order to hide the imperfections :)

(click for larger)
(click for larger)
Next up is GALAXIES. I've already written two posts about nebula manicures, since they're my favorites to do. I'm very excited about tomorrow!

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Congrats for your 30 followers ( I also reached my first 30 followers yesterday ;) I like halfmoon manicures , and your turned out really elegant!!!


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