Sunday, November 6, 2011

31 day challenge: day four - green

Good evening :)
I managed to write today's post even though I had an 8-hour long lecture from a project I attend. So I'm going to say that this is the reason my nails aren't even near perfectly painted today. Another reason for that is that I cut approx. 2 mm of my tips. It was the time for my monthly trim. I was kind of sad about that because this was my newest "record" when it comes to nail growing :) On the other hand, I'm very happy because I can finally type fast again, and zip zippers, and wash my hair without tangling my nails into it...

Okay, today's post is about GREEN nails. And I was particularly excited about it because I bought this gooey green a few weeks ago and I waited to start this challenge so I could swatch it. Funny thing about me and greens is that I love, love, love them, but I don't own many of them.
Gabrini Elegant 392 is a grass green jelly, opaque in ? coats. It's very sheer, thus the question mark. I only went to 3 coats, because that's my rule. I've actually broken this rule once, but nothing more :) Maybe I'll try it out on a fake nail some day to see how many coats does it take to get it fully opaque. I don't see myself wearing this in public, though I imagine a few manicures using this.

Gabrini Elegant 392 - 3 coats (click for larger)

Next up is BLUE nails!
Thanks for reading :)

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