Wednesday, November 9, 2011

31 day challenge: day seven - black and white

It's true what they say: time flies by when you're having fun!
It's already day 7 which means that a week has passed since I started this challenge and so far it's not hard at all. I hope it stays that way, though :)
Today's challenge is BLACK & WHITE nails. I decided to do a stamping manicure because I haven't done one of those in a while :) For my base color I used Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 04 and as a stamping polish I used Golden Rose Matte 12. I sealed it all with a coat of Essence Quick Dry Top Coat. I used Bundle Monster's plate BM-221. The design is zebra-like, but I wasn't going for zebra. It kind of looked like some lines created by a magnetic field :D 

Here's how that turned out:

Flash (click for larger)
Base color: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 04
Stamping color: Golden Rose Matte 12
Stamping plate: BM-221
Next up is METALLIC nails.
Thanks for reading :)


  1. Hello!
    Најпрвин да дадам позитивни критики за блогов и сите креативни и инспиративни работи кои може да се најдат тука. Едно прашање: каде може да се најдат печатите употребени за разни дезени?
    Фала однапред и keep up the good work.


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