Saturday, November 12, 2011

31 day challenge: day ten - gradient

Phew! It's the end of part one from the 31 day challenge. Today's challenge is GRADIENnails. I chose one of my favorite pinks - Catherine Arley 917 and mixed it with some white. I decided to make it an ombre manicure, though the difference between the shades isn't very visible, especially not in real life. This is my first ever try at ombre and I'm actually very pleased with the results :) 
I made the different shades by adding more and more white nail polish to only one drop of the pink I started with. Here's how that turned out:

(click for larger)
Okay, the next part of this challenge starts with day 11 which is going to be POLKA DOTS. I'm going to use stamping most of the time, since that part is called patterns. Also, I'm probably going to take a one day break from the challenge, because I've got a lot for studying tomorrow, but I'll try to post something like a swatch or an old manicure. 

Thanks for reading :)

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