Thursday, December 8, 2011

31 day challenge: day twenty-one - inspired by a color

Hello dear readers :) I've been gone for some time now and first of all I want to truly apologise for that. I've been really busy trying to keep my grades as they were. I had tons of exams and I'll have even more during the next two weeks. So, again I'll be absent for a while.
I decided to go on with the challenge even though I made a long break from it. I got to the last part which is INSPIRATION and today's manicure is inspired by A COLOR. I chose blue. I can't say that it's my favorite color. I'm not actually sure what color is my favorite, but I know that blue is the color I don't mind wearing all the time :)

So here's the blue polish by itself. It's Orkide Olivia 121, the polish that I used in day 5 of this challenge.

I didn't want to wear it by itself so I sponged a bit of white and silver. The white is supposed to represent the clouds in the sky and the silver is the pollution. For those who don't know, my city - Skopje is very polluted in the past few weeks and now it's full with people with sore throats, including me.

I couldn't resist adding some bling to this manicure, since you know the holidays are coming and December is the month I usually wear rhinestones and glitter :D So I made a snowflake out of round and oval rhinestones. I'm a huge snow lover, but for the past few years Skopje is lacking the beautiful snow I remember from my childhood.

Next up is inspired by A SONG.

Thanks for reading :)

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