Sunday, December 18, 2011

31 day challenge: day twenty-three - inspired by a movie

Hello everyone :) I've been really busy with school lately, but I managed to find some time to paint these nails. The theme is inspired by A MOVIE so I chose a movie that I recently watched - Pulp Fiction. I love every movie Quentin Tarantino has made so far. Below you can see the full design and close-ups of each nail individually. All images can be viewed larger. 

First up is the thumb. I used a red background and yellow letters for the title of the movie, as it is on the official poster. Excuse my letters, but I haven't perfected them :)

For the index finger I used a neutral tone as a background. Then, I sponged over it with a brighter skin toned acrylic. I mixed some water with red acrylic paint. First I took a short brush and made the smaller drops of blood and then I picked up a longer brush and made the big pools of blood.

For the middle finger I used a bronze brownish background and wrote BMF (bad mother fu****) with black acrylic.

The procedure for the ring finger is the same as for the index.

And lastly, for the pinky I used a white base, painted a tie with black acrylic and sprayed blood with red acrylic over it.

That's it for today :) Thanks for reading!

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