Friday, December 9, 2011

christmas ornament

Hello guys :) I'm skipping the challenge today and I'm going to show you a Christmas related stamping manicure I did a day ago.
I love decorating my Christmas tree, but here in Macedonia we do the decorating a bit later since we celebrate Christmas on January 7th, though the Christmas tree is considered to be more of a symbol for the New Year's Eve rather than Christmas.

The base I used is Gabrini Elegant 374, a peachy pink polish with shiny silver particles, and Golden Rose Nail Art 107 for the stamping.
I used to have these glass ornaments as a kid. They were very shiny, but I wasn't allowed to play with them because whenever I did, I broke one or two :) I remember having one exactly like the design I did below.

Base color: Gabrini Elegant 374
Stamping color: Golden Rose Nail Art 107
Stamping plate: BM-210

Thanks for reading :)

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