Saturday, January 7, 2012

ebay goodies part 1

Aaaaah! I ordered some stuff from Ebay almost two months ago, but their arrival got delayed because of the holidays. I got super excited when I saw the pick-up card in my mailbox.
I ordered a bundle of 80 glitter and rhinestone pots, for around $24. The images are clickable, so click for larger :)

First of all, I was very glad that they were nicely packaged AND separated by color. Because I really wouldn't want to spend hours organizing these thing :) As you can see there are 8 smaller packages each containing 10 small pots, which I'll show you later in this post color by color. The colors you get are black, silver, red, pink, green, orange, blue and green, though there are some strays that probably couldn't be sorted in an other way. Okay, so let me show you the packages one by one :)

Let's start with the black package. In my opinion, this package is by far the most underrated! Even my mom was like: "What do you need black glitter for?". But, believe me that black glitter looks wonderful when layered and you can also use it to make various decorations on the nails.

The image above shows all of the pots photographed separately. I advise you to click it in order to see the true beauty of these pots.
1. black and red round glitter
2. black string glitter
3. metallic black round glitter
4. large black hex glitter
5. black beads
6. small black hex glitter
7. black round glitter
8. black star shaped rhinestones
9. black square rhinestones
10. black flower rhinestones

Next is the silver package, which I think that many of you are going to fall in love with. This package contains a ton of holo glitters.

1. small round holo glitter
2. holo punched out hearts
3. holo string glitter
4. holo hex glitter (the size is small)
5. silver glitter
6. silver hex glitter (it looks black on the photo because of bad lighting)
7. silver round rhinestones
8. holo foil pieces (this looks promising)
9. holo stars
10. silver beads (again, they look almost golden because of the bad lighting)

The purple package is one of my favorites! I'm very excited about the flakies, because I can't find a nice flakie polish around here, so I'm going to make one!

1. lavender flakies
2. small purple hex glitter that flashes in green
3. magenta crushed shell
4. big purple hex glitter - flashes in green
5. fine purple glitter - flashes green (one of my favorites!)
6. just like the previous one, but a shade darker
7. purple punched out hearts
8. purple string glitter
9. purple beads
10. purple round rhinestones

The fourth and last package for today is the blue package. I'm a blue lover, so there isn't a single pot that I don't like from this package.

1. blue/turquoise beads
2. blueish purple crushed shell
3. blue string glitter
4. blue hex glitter - flashes turquoise (size is big)
5. deep blue round glitter
6. blue/turquoise round glitter
7. blue hex glitter (small)
8. blue star shaped rhinestones
9. blue pieces of foil
10. turquoise round glitter

Thanks for reading! Come back again tomorrow for part 2!


  1. OMG! they all so pretty! at which place did you get them?

  2. I'm not quite sure because I got them from my brother's account, but you can just write '80 pot glitter' into the search bar and I'm sure that they'll come up.


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