Sunday, January 8, 2012

ebay goodies part 2

Good morning lovely readers! Today I'm going to show you the rest of my wonderful package that I ordered from Ebay. In the first part I showed you the black, silver, purple and blue glitter and rhinestone packages.

Just like the blue package from the previous post, all pots from the green package are also my favorites. Click the image to see the contents larger and read the description below the images.

1. green beads
2. light green hex glitter (large)
3. green round rhinestones (and a couple of stars which are most likely strays)
4.  light green hex glitter (small)
5. sparkly dark green glitter
6. punched out stars
7. dark green string glitter
8. fine light green glitter
9. green crushed shell
10. green flakies (!)

The next package is the orange one.

1. coral flakies
2. orange
3. orange punched out hearts
4. dark orange hex glitter (big)
5. fine orange glitter
6. another fine orange glitter, slightly darker than no.5
7. bright orange crushed shell
8. dark orange hex glitter (small)
9. orange round rhinestones
10. bright orange string glitter

I never knew I was a big fan of pink, until I got this package :) Beautiful stuff!

1. pink string glitter
2. fine baby pink glitter (love this one!)
3. pink rhinestones
4. pink flakies
5. pink hex glitter (big)
6. dark pink fine glitter
7. dark pink string glitter (this is the only package with two shades of string glitter)
8. pink hex glitter (small)
9. pink crushes shell
10. pink punched out hearts

And the last package I received is the red package.

1. red punched out hearts
2. magenta star shaped rhinestones
3. red crushed shell (looks more like pink here, but it's not)
4. red hex glitter (small)
5. red beads
6. red foil pieces
7. red hex glitter (large)
8. magenta string glitter
9. sparkly red glitter (one of the faves)
10. fine softer red glitter

Now that I showed you both parts of my Ebay package, I need to say a couple of things about them. I haven't used them yet, so I don't know how they react with polish, top coats etc. But I can say that they look very promising and that they're totally worth it. I bought them for around $24, which makes each pot worth around $0.3! The pots are fairly small, but for that price you get plenty. You can use them to make your own glitter nail polishes, or just to make cute decorations on your nails.

Thanks for reading! :)

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