Friday, January 6, 2012

my top 10 for 2011

10. P2 Being In Heaven

This one was actually a runner-up, but it was a last moment decision that it's going to be in the top 10. A very exceptional bright pink nail polish. Original post - here.

9. Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 134

Last year I went crazy while searching for the perfect greys. Fortunately I found this beautiful light grey nail polish which I knew that it was definitely going to be in the top 10 for 2011. Original post - here.

8. Catherine Arley 63

During 2011 I layered this beauty thousands of times in many different combinations and it never failed me. Original post - here.

7. Flormar Supershine 14

It's not okay to put this beauty on the 7th place, but then again I am making a list from almost 100 polishes. I couldn't stop looking at the beautiful sparkles every single time I've painted my nails with this polish! Original post - here.

6. Essence Movie Star

What? Two greys? Yes! I said I went grey crazy last year and I'll say it again. It should have been somewhere lower, but it was my first Essence nail polish and it just showed me how awesome Essence is :) Original post - here.

5. H&M Moody Model

Pure awesomeness! Nothing more to say. Original post - here.

4. H&M Hunt Me Down

I was looking for a good olive green and believe me I found it. Original post - here.

3.  Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors U14

This is actually one of my most recently bought nail polishes and it made it to the top 3! It really is amazing! Original post - here.

2. Maybelline Mini Colorama Urban Orange

My favorite summer color of all time! Original post - here.

And now I give you the absolute winner for 2011 and I think that you're going to agree with me on this one.

1. Essence Circus Confetti

The most colorful and beautiful glitter nail polish I've ever seen! I believe that nothing could beat this. EVER! Original post - here.

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