Tuesday, March 20, 2012

avon loving lavender & a cute stamping manicure

Hello everyone!
A week ago I received one of Avon's new shades for spring/summer 2012 and it's called Loving Lavender.

It's a pale muted lavender creme. Opaque in around 2 coats, depending on the thickness. I like this polish very much. I've been searching for a similar shade for a while and I couldn't find one that I liked.

I'm not able to choose the perfect words to explain the beauty of this polish. I truly recommend it to any pastel polish lover :)

And here's the cute mix 'n' match manicure I did on top of this polish. I did it after 2 days of wear, so excuse the small chip on the index finger.

Index, middle and pinky have white polka dots on top. I stamped a white bow on my ring finger using Born Pretty Store's plate m59. And lastly, I used a pink holographic glitter called Miss Selene165. I painted whole thumbnail with it and filled the space around the bow on the ring finger.

Here's a close-up on the glitter polish.

 Thanks for reading :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

green is in

I'm not sure whether I like or dislike this period of the year. Everyone is tired of the winter weather, even me. I'm usually known as the winter lover, but right now I feel like I need a bit of sunshine just to get my motivation up. I like spring, too, but I've got pollen allergies and I can't really function properly during this period. As the nature is getting greener and greener, I decided to put some green on my nails as well.

This is a simple manicure I was wearing for a couple of days. Even though the shades don't come from a same green tone, I kind of liked the result. So, today I'm going to write about two greens - Gabrini Elegant Mirror Colors M05 and Gabrini Elegant 317 (the middle one is H&M Hunt Me Down). I don't have a separate swatch, but you're probably get the picture :)

Gabrini Elegant Mirror Colors M05 is a dark spring green creme, opaque in two coats. As you can see, some bubbles appeared after the application, that's the only downside of this polish. It's pictured on the index and ring finger.

Gabrini Elegant 317 is a deep forest green creme, opaque in 1-2 coats, depending on the thickness. It's very beautiful. The color is very similar to Avon Green With Envy, but the quality is a bit worse. Pictured on thumb and pinky.

Thanks for reading :)

Мало извинување до македонските читателки. Новите постови кои ги пишува само на англиски, ќе бидат преведени наскоро. Поздрав :*

Friday, March 9, 2012

essence time for romance & true love

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to show you two lovely polishes from Essence. I just noticed how cute their names sound together, while I was writing the title of this post. So, lay back & enjoy the beauty.

Since I used it as a base for this manicure, Essence True Love is up first. It's from the Vampire's Love limited edition which became available in Macedonia recently. I wanted to buy at least one polish from this collection and wasn't really looking for anything in particular. The others failed to impress me, but this beautiful plum shimmer didn't.

Funny thing is, I've got a really similar polish to this one, but when I saw it in the shop it didn't look like anything I had. I find that it's similar to Flormar Supershine 14, but the Flormar one is a shade darker and has flecks instead of shimmer.

Just like Essence Make It Golden and Blue Addicted, this is one of the most beautiful glitters Essence has ever made. Essence Time For Romance is mostly consisted of pink and purple glitters in all shapes and sizes, but some of the glitter seems to be holographic as it flashes in different colors.

I  must admit that I wasn't very impressed when I was buying the other two and I actually bought it much later, but now that I have it on my nails I just can't stop looking at them (plus I got tons of compliments about them).

And a close-up :)

Thanks for reading & have a nice weekend!

Monday, March 5, 2012

31 day challenge: day twenty-nine - inspired by the supernatural

BEWARE DOCTOR WHO FANS! This one is for all of you fellow Whovians :)

Today's theme is inspired by THE SUPERNATURAL. My favorite and most anticipated challenge of all. You've probably guessed why. This was my first Doctor Who inspired manicure and I must say I'm proud of myself. This is one of my best works so far :)

It took me a total of 1h and 45 minutes to get this finished (for one hand only)!

Let me explain each nail, I'll try to explain it as good as possible, for the ones that don't watch DW. So, the thumb is supposed to be the TARDIS (basically, The Doctor's time machine). The index is inspired by the build of the Daleks. The middle one is, of course, the logo of the show. I actually spent most time on this nail, trying to make it perfect :) On the ring finger I painted the time vortex. And finally, the pinky is supposed to be a writing in Gallifreyan (on the show the Gallifreyan language is shown as different combinations of circle symbols).

And that's it. I'm really in love with this manicure. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next challenge!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

31 day challenge: day twenty-eight - inspired by a flag

Hello everyone!
I know that this seems like a surprise, but I did promise I would finish the 31 day challenge that I started way back in October. I actually didn't even bother to paint my own nails, but painted on fake ones instead. I didn't take this challenge seriously on purpose because I knew that  I'd end up with massive headaches and me being generally pissed off. In the end I decided that it's better to stop and chill out a bit, even though I had only 3-4 manicures to go. I'm going to write an individual post for each one :)

The theme for today's manicure is inspired by A FLAG. I was wondering which flag should I do. As many bloggers did, my first guess was the Macedonian flag, but I didn't feel like wearing bright red and yellow in the middle of winter. This challenge was the only one I didn't have a plan for when I started. After days and weeks of thinking, I came up with a fun solution. I did a manicure inspired by pirate flags :) Warning: the fake nails are ridiculously long, I didn't want to cut them because I have a bigger "canvas" to paint on like this :)

These are fairly simple to make. I painted the nails black, then using some nail glue I glued one piece of fimo decoration on each nail, except for the middle finger. For the middle finger, I used a white nail polish and stamped a couple of skulls. The last step was topcoat and that's it!
I normally don't wear manicures such as this one, but I find it rather cute.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for tomorrow's manicure inspired by THE SUPERNATURAL.

p.s. Notice the super large images? What do you think of them?

maybelline mini colorama sugar crystals

Hello everyone!
I announced this lovely polish a couple of days ago and today I finally decided to post about it. Before I start I wanted to give you a heads up about some things. I've been trying to come up with new ideas about the blog and I'm currently searching for a good 'suggestion box' widget. Another thing, as you may or may not notice, I changed the layout a bit. The whole blog is wider now and has rows on both sides. I did this so that I can post larger images for your viewing pleasure :) I'm also planning to change the layouts of the blog posts themselves, so you can expect better photos and more close ups. On to the post...

Maybelline Sugar Crystals is a beautiful white flecks topper. I'm not sure if Maybelline has special collections of polishes or anything, but I'm pretty sure that Sugar Crystals is supposed to be related to Maybelline Honey Crystals, another topper I bought a while ago. Since, it's a topper, the opaqueness is up to you, but the coverage is pretty good even with only one coat.
Here's just Sugar Crystals...

And on top of Gabrini Elegant 352...

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

review: born pretty store stamping plates

Good afternoon my lovely readers! :)
What I have for you today is a review of two stamping plates I ordered recently from Born Pretty Store.
I've been dying to get my hands on some of these plates because they are very good replicas of the Konad ones. Unfortunately, I've got no original Konad plates to compare them with, but from what I've seen the difference is just a bit noticeable. Without further ado, let me show you the beauties!

Each of them come packaged in an individual wrapping. Their top is coated with a thin piece of plastic foil which protects the plate from scratches and damage. It's colored blue, so you won't have a problem with the removal :) Another thing that I should mention is that they have no backing (like the Bundle Monster or Konad plates), though I didn't find the edges to be sharp. Some bloggers have hurt themselves while stamping, but I've never had any trouble with plates that have no backing. However, you should be careful!

I purchased plates m59 and m65. The plate m59 has no full images, but instead it has a couple of bows, hearts and snowflakes. I bought it mainly because I never learned how to paint beautiful bows (and because I'm a sucker for snowflakes). It's by far the cutest plate I've got! I recommend it to every girl out there that likes stamping.

As you can see on the photo below, the quality of the images is wonderful. They're sharp and the size is perfect for my nails :)

The second plate - m65 is a full nail images plate. I already have the second set from Bundle Monster which has tons of great images, but nothing like this. I love the vintage style roses and the circles :) I haven't made any manicures with them yet, because I received them the day before yesterday and I was really looking forward to showing them to you. The size of the full images is 12mm x 16mm, which is the same compared to the ones from Bundle Monster. So if you've tried Bundle Monster, you'll know if their size is suitable for your nail length.

I've purchased a bunch of stuff from Born Pretty Store and just like their other products, these plates are great! You can browse through their available nail plates here.

You can find the m59 plate here for $1.55 and the m65 plate here for $2.99. I got them cheaper because I used a coupon code and I had some bonus points from previous shopping, but the price isn't high as it is. Payment is PayPal only!

Overall rating of the product: 9/10

This review is my personal opinion for this product which I bought myself.