Sunday, March 4, 2012

31 day challenge: day twenty-eight - inspired by a flag

Hello everyone!
I know that this seems like a surprise, but I did promise I would finish the 31 day challenge that I started way back in October. I actually didn't even bother to paint my own nails, but painted on fake ones instead. I didn't take this challenge seriously on purpose because I knew that  I'd end up with massive headaches and me being generally pissed off. In the end I decided that it's better to stop and chill out a bit, even though I had only 3-4 manicures to go. I'm going to write an individual post for each one :)

The theme for today's manicure is inspired by A FLAG. I was wondering which flag should I do. As many bloggers did, my first guess was the Macedonian flag, but I didn't feel like wearing bright red and yellow in the middle of winter. This challenge was the only one I didn't have a plan for when I started. After days and weeks of thinking, I came up with a fun solution. I did a manicure inspired by pirate flags :) Warning: the fake nails are ridiculously long, I didn't want to cut them because I have a bigger "canvas" to paint on like this :)

These are fairly simple to make. I painted the nails black, then using some nail glue I glued one piece of fimo decoration on each nail, except for the middle finger. For the middle finger, I used a white nail polish and stamped a couple of skulls. The last step was topcoat and that's it!
I normally don't wear manicures such as this one, but I find it rather cute.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for tomorrow's manicure inspired by THE SUPERNATURAL.

p.s. Notice the super large images? What do you think of them?

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