Thursday, March 1, 2012

review: born pretty store stamping plates

Good afternoon my lovely readers! :)
What I have for you today is a review of two stamping plates I ordered recently from Born Pretty Store.
I've been dying to get my hands on some of these plates because they are very good replicas of the Konad ones. Unfortunately, I've got no original Konad plates to compare them with, but from what I've seen the difference is just a bit noticeable. Without further ado, let me show you the beauties!

Each of them come packaged in an individual wrapping. Their top is coated with a thin piece of plastic foil which protects the plate from scratches and damage. It's colored blue, so you won't have a problem with the removal :) Another thing that I should mention is that they have no backing (like the Bundle Monster or Konad plates), though I didn't find the edges to be sharp. Some bloggers have hurt themselves while stamping, but I've never had any trouble with plates that have no backing. However, you should be careful!

I purchased plates m59 and m65. The plate m59 has no full images, but instead it has a couple of bows, hearts and snowflakes. I bought it mainly because I never learned how to paint beautiful bows (and because I'm a sucker for snowflakes). It's by far the cutest plate I've got! I recommend it to every girl out there that likes stamping.

As you can see on the photo below, the quality of the images is wonderful. They're sharp and the size is perfect for my nails :)

The second plate - m65 is a full nail images plate. I already have the second set from Bundle Monster which has tons of great images, but nothing like this. I love the vintage style roses and the circles :) I haven't made any manicures with them yet, because I received them the day before yesterday and I was really looking forward to showing them to you. The size of the full images is 12mm x 16mm, which is the same compared to the ones from Bundle Monster. So if you've tried Bundle Monster, you'll know if their size is suitable for your nail length.

I've purchased a bunch of stuff from Born Pretty Store and just like their other products, these plates are great! You can browse through their available nail plates here.

You can find the m59 plate here for $1.55 and the m65 plate here for $2.99. I got them cheaper because I used a coupon code and I had some bonus points from previous shopping, but the price isn't high as it is. Payment is PayPal only!

Overall rating of the product: 9/10

This review is my personal opinion for this product which I bought myself.

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