Sunday, April 29, 2012

essence colour3 midnight date

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to show you one of the two new Essence duos that I bought.
Before I begin, a short introduction to the Colour3 polishes. They are consisted of 2 polishes, a base color and a topper. You can wear each polish by itself, or you can combine them both. You get 2 x 4ml of polish (that means a total of 8ml) for around 3 euros, which is kind of pricey if you ask me, but the ones that I got were totally worth it.

So, today's polish is Essence Colour3 Midnight Date.
First up is Midnight Date. It's a very shimmery dark blue. It has a very subtle, barely noticeable duochrome effect. I'm going to be honest with you. This is not the most unique polish ever, but I kind of like it. Here's how it looks.

Even though Midnight Date is probably a deja vu when it comes to polishes, the other part of the duo - City That Never Sleeps is here to fill in the void. It's consisted of green and blue flakies in a purple jelly base. I layered it over black, as I thought that it wouldn't be opaque by itself. I'm going to add a photo of itself later on. Here's how it looks.

They are both really sparkly, so I thought that it would be simply too much if I layered them, but the result was amazing.

That was a long post :) The second duo is coming up soon!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

golden rose paris nail lacquer 217

Hello everyone!
How are you all doing today?
I don't know how many of you have noticed, but I'm having a green craze right now :) I always say that I don't have enough green polishes, especially turquoise and mint shades, and I keep buying more and more.
I'm actually going to post a couple of "green" posts in the following days.

So, today I'm going to show you Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 217. It's a neon-ish mix of aqua blue and turquoise. Can I just call it aqua turquoise? :) It's not quite neon, but it's too bright to be a normal creme. The photos below are 2 coats, the nail line is still a bit visible.

I thought I should stamp something over it, so I chose the following pattern from BM19.

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

spring challenge #4 - bugs

Hello everyone!
Another late post. I had so much for studying yesterday I forgot I was supposed to post about the third manicure of the spring challenge. So, here it is :)

In short, I made a gradient using yellow and green, the last combination I had left. Then using a black polish I stamped the ladybug design from BM13 on my index and ring finger, and the swirly design from BM20 on the other nails.

One more to go. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

spring challenge #3 - fruits and dots

As some of you may already know I made a horrible unintentional mistake a couple of days ago. I accidentally deleted all of my photos with nail designs. I wasn't able to restore them in the original size, but I did download most of them from my blog.
So, here's the belated post about the third challenge which was fruits and dots. 
I'm not satisfied with the result.

The thumb and ring finger are painted with P2 Being In Heaven. I stamped black polka dots on top.
The other nails are painted with Seventeen Supreme 31 (swatch post coming up soon). I stamped citrus slices on top, but I shouldn't have used white as they aren't very visible.

Check out what the other participants did:
Excuse my short post.
Stay tuned for more :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

spring challenge #2 - flowers and stripes

Hello everyone!
It's time for the second manicure of this spring challenge. Today's theme is flowers and stripes.
While I was doing the 31 days challenge I did something that would be appropriate for the theme, but of course I didn't want to repeat myself, so I made something new.
I only have one photo taken with flash since the weather here is rainy and the light is very dull.

Just like last time, I had to choose from the three color combinations I have left. I chose pink and orange.
I was aiming for a very soft and delicate manicure, so I chose pastel shades of these colors and used them as base (P2 Being In Heaven, pink creme; Atomic Tangerine, orange creme). Then, I used a white polish for stamping and stamped the flower image from BM16 and the stripes from BM20.

That's it for today. I'm glad I managed to post this today.
I've got three manicures left!

Check out what the other participants did:
Thanks for reading and see you next time :) 
p.s. I've gained quite a few new followers since I started this challenge. So, I'd like to thank everyone who keeps reading my blog (even though I don't really post as much as possible lately).

Monday, April 16, 2012

coral and white

Hello everyone!
I've officially reached that point when I start buying colors that I already own.
Recently I purchased Gabrini Elegant Mirror Colors M15, as I was amazed by the tangerine craze that's going on. But, it turned out that the light in the show made the polish look tangerine. I compared this polish to Catherine Arley 917 and the colors were almost the same. I suppose that Catherine Arley 917 has lost some of its beauty, as it is almost 2 years old :)

Okay, let's get back to Gabrini Elegant Mirror Colors M15 (I seriously am starting to hate these numbers). It's a coral-ish cr‬è‪me, perfect for hot summer days. The application was wonderful! Opaque in 1-2 coats. The swatches are accurate, apparently I messed up when I was doing the color drop :)

I know that I've probably said it way too many times, but I wear flowers on my nails almost every time during spring. With that said, I will not explain myself about the following stamping I did using BM16 :)

I don't know why, but I can't seem to grow out my nails. They have been very week for the past month and I constantly keep cutting them down. I finally managed to grow out a couple of millimeters, but my index broke. The difference is not big, but it's bugging me, so I'm cutting them down (again). I really hope they'll become better, as my prom is in a little over a month and I'd like my nails to look nice :)

Well, that's it for today. Tomorrow I'll be posting the second manicure of the spring challenge!
Bye bye :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

gabrini pacific 04 - soft and pastel

Hello everyone!
A quick swatch for you all, as I don't really feel like writing today. Enjoy!

Gabrini Pacific 04 is a very pale pastel pink cr‬è‪me. It's lighter IRL than on the swatches (see color drop).This is 2 coats, I believe.

Thanks for reading and I wish Happy Easter to all of my orthodox readers :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

spring challenge #1 - love and life

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to post the first manicure for this spring challenge. The theme was "Love and life" - quite an abstract theme, if you ask me. I had a few color combinations to choose from and for today's theme I chose blue and purple.

 My main goal for today's theme was to make the manicure look somewhat magical. I made a gradient using Gabrini Elegant 352, a sky blue creme, and Avon Loving Lavender, a muted lavender creme. Then using plate BM02 and a black nail polish I stamped a heart design on my ring finger. After that, using the same black polish and plate BM04 I stamped a swirly dotted design on my thumb. If you look closely, you'll probably notice that I have stamped a design on my middle finger as well, but it didn't turn out as expected and I had no time to make corrections.

Finally, I finished it all of with a coat of Miss Selene 165, a pink holographic glitter.

I'm not really satisfied with the end result, though I've had bigger failures when it comes to nail art :)
Thanks for reading and see you next time :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

spring challenge

Just like I mentioned in the previous post, I'm going to participate in a spring challenge.
Read more about it on the Spring Challenge page.

Can't wait to start :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hello everyone!
Almost a month ago I ordered the first Bundle Monster set, as I already own the second one. It arrived a few days ago and the first design I tried was this diamond checkered one :) The funny thing is that Bundle Monster posted teasers about their upcoming third set of plates which I'm also getting, no question about it. I'm not going to do a comparison between the first and the second set, as many of you already know that the quality of the second set is way beyond the first one. Nonetheless, I really wanted to get the first one as well, since I don't have many plates that have single image designs that are not meant to go on the whole nail.

The base color that I used for this manicure is Gabrini Elegant 352. I stamped the checkered design from plate BM16 using my favorite black polish :)

As you may notice, I had a hard time getting the image onto my nail as it is much smaller than the ones from the second set. If you have wider nails, such as mine, you're going to have to stamp at least twice.

I don't think that this is a major problem and I love every single plate from this set :) I can't wait for the third set to be put up for sale.

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

hello spring! :)

Hello everyone! :)
Today I'm going to show you my first spring related manicure for this year. Spring begun a couple of weeks ago, but we get plenty of rain lately. The rain doesn't bother me at all. On the contrary, it helps me with my spring allergies. But, this doesn't mean that I can't add some spring colors to my nails :)

Essence Lime Up! is a lime green cr‬è‪me. It's opaque in 2 coats, but I added 3 for the swatch below. Don't really have much to say about it. I love the color and the quality is superb just like every other Essence nail polish.

Flowers are the first thing that spring reminds me of, so I got my fimo canes out and added two little colorful flowers on my ring fingers.

I'm going to do another nail challenge soon, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

a bunch of glitters i decided to swatch :)

Good morning, my lovely readers!
I think that the title says it all :) These five glitters were just laying around for more than a year (at least some of them) and I finally decided to give them some love. So, each glitter is pictured on a different nail and you'll see a short description and a close-up of them. Enjoy!

First of all, the random base colors I chose for this post. The polishes are listed thumb to pinky.

L-R: Catherine Arley 917, Jasmine, Gabrini Elegant 352, Gabrini Elegant Mirror Colors M05, Essence Movie Star
Here are all of them pictured at once, scroll down for more :)

L-R: Hello Kitty by H&M Glitter Silver, Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 70, Sandcastles, Gabrini Elegant 378, Classics 60
Hello Kitty by H&M Glitter Silver is a small round silver glitter polish. I've had this for over a year and it's been just sitting there for no reason. It covers really good. The picture below is only one coat.

Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer 70 is consisted of somewhat holographic string glitter and small square iridescent glitter particles that look like they are orange when applied on top of a darker color.

The third polish for today is Sandcastles. I kinda hate this polish, but I made it and I have a hard time throwing away polishes that I've mixed. It has a bunch of random colored square and circle glitter, blue hexagonal glitter and golden specks.

Gabrini Elegant 378 looks pretty ugly in the bottle, but shows its true beauty on the nails. It's consisted of square glitter which comes in three different colors - green, blue and orange.

And the last polish for today is Classics 60. It's consisted of orange specks in an orange base with some square silver glitter.

Thanks for reading :)