Sunday, April 29, 2012

essence colour3 midnight date

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to show you one of the two new Essence duos that I bought.
Before I begin, a short introduction to the Colour3 polishes. They are consisted of 2 polishes, a base color and a topper. You can wear each polish by itself, or you can combine them both. You get 2 x 4ml of polish (that means a total of 8ml) for around 3 euros, which is kind of pricey if you ask me, but the ones that I got were totally worth it.

So, today's polish is Essence Colour3 Midnight Date.
First up is Midnight Date. It's a very shimmery dark blue. It has a very subtle, barely noticeable duochrome effect. I'm going to be honest with you. This is not the most unique polish ever, but I kind of like it. Here's how it looks.

Even though Midnight Date is probably a deja vu when it comes to polishes, the other part of the duo - City That Never Sleeps is here to fill in the void. It's consisted of green and blue flakies in a purple jelly base. I layered it over black, as I thought that it wouldn't be opaque by itself. I'm going to add a photo of itself later on. Here's how it looks.

They are both really sparkly, so I thought that it would be simply too much if I layered them, but the result was amazing.

That was a long post :) The second duo is coming up soon!


  1. Colors are Gorgeous. Wanted you to know that I tagged you to answer some nail related questions. It's a fun way for your followers to learn more about you and you only have to tag one other person so it isn't super time consuming. The directions and questions are on my latest post.

    1. Thanks. I actually enjoy doing these tags :) I'll answer them as soon as possible!


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