Tuesday, May 1, 2012

spring challenge #5 - rainbow

Hello everyone!
This is the fifth and last manicure for the spring challenge that I've been doing for a couple of weeks.
It's been really fun doing these manicures. I loved the fact that there were many other bloggers that did a great job doing the challenges as well :)
The last theme is rainbow. Instead of making rainbows on each nail I decided to paint my nails as a pastel rainbow. I know that I've been using the same colors for the challenges (more or less), but pastels are the perfect choice for me when it comes to spring.
Without further ado, here's the manicure.

Say hello to my right hand :D
I don't normally post my right hand, but there are these moments when I totally mess up my non-dominant hand and it looks hideous. I had no acetone left to repair the damage, so I had to try and photograph my dominant hand (which wasn't easy at all). As you can see I used pastel blue, green, yellow, pink and orange and stamped polka dots on top just to make it even cuter :)

As always, you should go and check out what the other participants did:
I'd like to congratulate all of my co-challengers that managed to go through this fun challenge with me :)
 Can't wait to find another challenge, so I can keep myself busy!
Stay tuned for some lovely swatches :)
Have a good night!


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