Friday, June 29, 2012

essence chilled orange (soul sista TE)

Hey guys!
Yet another Essence polish for you :) Recently, to my surprise, the Essence distributor for Macedonia brought TWO new collections - the Soul Sista TE and the Marble Mania TE. I didn't get anything from the Marble Mania collection, as I thought the colors vere a "déjà vu" to me. The only polish that caught my eye from the Soul Sista collection was Chilled Orange and that's the one I'm showing you today.

Essence Chilled Orange is an orange jelly polish with a hint of yellow. The color reminds me of an egg yolk :) The application was nice, not the best, but it's manageable. The brush is thin and round. I prefer wider brushes as my nails are quite wide themselves. I think that it's quite a unique orange/yellow shade. I sure will be wearing it a lot this summer!

By the way, I adore the logo of this collection :) Look how awesome it is!

Did you get anything from the Soul Sista collection?
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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