Monday, July 16, 2012

summer challenge #3 - islands

Hello everyone! :)
This is a scheduled post, just like the previous one, but I must tell you that I just got the results from my finals and both of them have the highest grade possible! I'm so happy right now :)
Anyway. Today's post is about islands. If there's one thing I learned while I was doing this manicure, it's that I have no idea how to paint islands. That's the reason why my "island" looks like a green half sphere :)

I did the following. First I painted all of my nails with a sky blue creme. Then using a shimmery darker blue I made a gradient on every nail besides the middle one. For the middle one I picked up a bunch of different greens and painted my louse island. Then, using a bright yellow I painted the sun and using black I did a little palm tree in the middle of my island.
It looked better in my head...

Here's another photo where you can see the shimmer of the darker blue. It truly reminds me of the glittering sea during summer :)

Sorry for the super short posts, but I'm writing this as I am packing.
I promise to make up with the last manicure of this challenge!

1. Sunflowers - 8th July 2012
2. Sunset - 12th July 2012
3. Island - 16th July 2012 
4. Travel - 20th July 2012

Other participants:

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! :)


  1. It looks really nice. Love that you did an accent nail. :)


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