Friday, July 20, 2012

summer challenge #4 - travel

Hello everyone!
It's time for the fourth and last piece of the Summer Challenge that I decided to participate.
Today's theme is travel. I'm a person that loves to travel and visit other countries. I haven't really been to much places so far, but I hope that this will change soon enough :)
I'm more of a town person when it comes to vacations. I'd rather go to a beautiful city full with architectural wonders and get a taste of the real life in a certain country.

Paris has been on my "to visit" list for many, many years. I must admit that there are many other cities that I wish to see before I see Paris, but I just had to stamp the cute poodles on my nails :)
I began with a white base for all of my nails. I used the poodle design from stamping plate BM04 and stamped using a red, blue and black polish. I used the same blue and red to create the French flag on my ring finger and the dots on the index and pinky. Lastly, I used some black acrylic to paint a lame version of the Eiffel Tower on my middle finger. Excuse the smudges around the nails, but I couldn't find my clean-up brush.

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 That's it for the summer challenge. I thought about participating in another challenge, but I had a better idea which I'll keep as a surprise and leave the next challenge for Fall 2012 :)
Thanks for reading!


  1. Poodles! I was trying to figure that one out! ;) Super fun tribute, I love the iconography you picked out. Paris is totally worth the wait, I'm sure you'll have a blast when you get there... head out next summer and we can hang out during Tour de France!

  2. Your Eiffel Tower certainly isn't lame :) These are lovely. I'm DESPERATE to go to Paris!


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