Thursday, August 30, 2012

rimmel london aye, aye sailor

Hey everyone!
Sorry for being absent again. I didn't have much time to blog and I was on a weekend away, but I've got lots of time now and hopefully I'll make up for it :) I'll be posting a bunch of swatches these days as I've bought quite a lot of new polishes, but I think that I'll manage to put some manicures as well :)

Not so long ago, I showed you Rimmel London's Deliciously Dark and today I'm going to show you the polish that I bought along that one - Rimmel London Aye, Aye Sailor. The name pretty much gives it up :) It's a very deep navy blue with a jelly-like consistency, but it's not sheer at all. In fact, one coat will give you satisfying coverage, but as always I used 2 for the swatches. 

It's incredibly shiny by itself. I absolutely love this shade and I'll be wearing it a lot! Another thing that will make you happy is that it doesn't stain. Putting the words "navy blue" and "doesn't stain" in the same sentence doesn't occur very often. But, be careful. Don't use without base coat if your nails are prone to staining.

Thanks for reading!

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