Tuesday, September 18, 2012

day eighteen: half moons

Hey everyone.
It's day 18 of the challenge and I'm already so tired I can barely think of a simple manicure and the complex ones are yet to come.
My nails are extremely short again. Not that they grew too much the last time, but I had to cut them down again because I broke one while I slept. I'm seriously starting to suspect that I'm a sleepwalking ninja of some sort. I can't think of any other possible explanations for this situation ;)

Last year I told you how much I hate doing half moons. I'm seriously incapable of doing simple manicures such as french or half moons. Not to mention my natural shape of the nails. They are wide and half moons look hideously on them. Period.
I didn't skip the challenge, though.

I did the half moons with a large dotting tool, because I didn't have any french tip guides. I messed the index finger a bit, but nothing too scary. I used Essence Flamingo Rose as a base and did the moons with Gabrini Pacific 04.

By the way, I went to my first university class today. All I can say is that everything went better than expected, considering the fact it was the shittiest subject of them all - maths. I have better hopes for tomorrow :)


  1. I like this mani :) I think it's cute! For my half moon manis I use those ring stickers that are reinforcements for your hole punched papers. I don't know if I explained that very well - but they're nice and cheap and work well!

  2. Yes, I've seen other bloggers use them, but nobody sells them, because nobody uses them.


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