Tuesday, September 11, 2012

day eleven: polka dots

Hello everyone!
It's about time I got to the POLKA DOTS theme of this challenge! I already made like a ton of other polka dot manicures, but you can never have enough dots!

Yup, I went for strawberries, mainly because I've never done strawberries on my nails. I used Gabrini Elegant Mirror Colors M15 as a base. Then, I painted the leaves using a dark green acrylic. While that was drying, I used a yellow acrylic to make the polka dots. When the dots were done, I mixed a drop of white color in the green one and made a lighter green and did some highlights on the leaves. Finally, I used a very thin brush and some black acrylic to outline the leaves.

You may notice that the black outline is a bit crooked. That's because of my striping brush. It's very old and it's been through a lot :) I'm getting a replacement soon enough.

I absolutely love how this turned out. I hate the fact that tomorrow I have yet another challenge and I'll have to remove it :(
Thanks for reading!


  1. I love it! I actually love that the black outlines aren't entirely matching with the green, it gives it a more 'sketched' look if that makes sense?

    Cute mani though!!


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