Monday, September 17, 2012

day seventeen: glitter

Hey guys!
Today is the 17th day of the challenge and the theme is GLITTER.
Possibly one of the easiest challenges, because you can sometimes add a bunch of glittery polishes and have an amazing manicure. That's exactly what I did for today's theme because I didn't have much time to do anything special. 
Before I begin with the post, just a small heads up. My first semester in university started today and right now I don't really have any mixed feelings or anything. My schedule is not that packed, except for Monday which I'll probably hate even more as of today :) Anyway, what I'm trying to say... I'll try to post as much as possible and most of all I'd be happy if I finish this challenge as I should, but I'd like to devote myself more to my education. So, I hope you don't mind if I vanish and suddenly show up again, but that's the way it might be from now on.

And now a bit more stuff that have to do with the post...

I must mention that I added a coat of the Essence Peeling Base Coat. It's a glue-ish kind of mixture that you put on your nails before you do your nails and later on you peel it of instead of using acetone. This is a great way to remove glitter because you know how much that sucks. It's absolutely harmless to your nails, so don't worry about that. The downside is that water can affect the ending result, especially hot water. I'd advise you to use it if you're not planning to take a shower after you do your nails. Another thing that I should probably mention is that I read in another blog that its ingredients are more or less the same as in kids' glue (sometimes labeled as PVA glue), so this is a cheaper option. I found this out after I bought the one from Essence. For a comparison, the one from Essence costs around $2.7 for 8ml and it's probably limited because it comes with the Ready For Boarding TE, while the PVA glue that I found costs $2.4 for 90ml (which is incredibly cheap!). And the cool thing is that you're probably going to need to make it runnier by adding some water and that will increase the amount of DIY peel off base coat you get and it will dry faster.

Anyway, for the manicure I used Flormar Miracle Colors U08 and added a coat of Essence Blue Addicted on top.

I made a mistake and I showered after I did my nails. Washing my hair does quite a damage to my manicures as it's very thick and long anyway, but with the peel off base coat it was a recipe for failure. 

In conclusion, I'd advise you to use this base coat, especially when you don't have remover around or you want to wear a glittery manicure, but bear in mind that it might not last longer than a day or two.

Thanks for reading!


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