Sunday, September 16, 2012

day sixteen: tribal

Hey everyone!
Today is the 16th day of the challenge and the theme is TRIBAL.
I had so much to do today I can't even begin to tell you, so I won't :)
I chose to do a stamping manicure, again... I wanted to make a freehand tribal as it looks way better that way even if you screw it up, but I had absolutely no free time today and I just grabbed a couple of polishes and a stamping plate and it was done.
I knew that it would take me a lot of time to do a freehand design, because last time I did one on my friend's nails and it was super detailed and crazy, but it took around 2 hours to finish.

I painted all of my nails with a white nail polish and then used polishes Rapsodi Pacific 13, Gabrini Elegant Mirror Colors M13 and Maybelline Urban Lemon to make a gradient on the stamping plate BM-315. And that's it :)

Thanks for reading & see you tomorrow, hopefully with a better manicure.

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