Friday, September 21, 2012

day twenty-one: inspired by a color

Hello everyone!
Today is the 21st day of the 31 day challenge and the theme is INSPIRED BY A COLOR. I only have 10 more days left for the challenge, which is awesome because my lesson timetable is absolutely crazy. I have plenty of free time, but I use it to sleep :D

Anyway... I was looking through some other blogs that did the challenge after me and some of them thought that the "inspired by a color" thing was supposed to be inspired by the name of the color or the name of the polish. I figured that made more sense than anything else, so I went for the name of the color :)

I chose "tea rose". My favorite shade of pink. I believe it was Eyeko that had a polish named Tea Rose, but I'm not sure right now. Anyway, I used Rapsodi 313, which is a perfect tea rose polish :)

I know that the "tea" part doesn't refer to actual tea, but I couldn't resist painting a cute tea cup :) As usual, I used polka dots to make it even cuter :) Everything was done with acrylic paints (except for the small polka dots on the cup).

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