Sunday, September 23, 2012

day twenty-three: inspired by a movie

Hey everyone!
I'm really glad you liked yesterday's manicure so much :)
Today is the 23rd day of the challenge and the theme is INSPIRED BY A MOVIE.
I chose Star Wars.

A short description.
Thumb: R2-D2
Index: Boba Fett
Middle: The galaxy :)
Ring finger: A stormtrooper, though it could have turned out better.
Pinky: I shouldn't say that I was out of ideas because there are so many characters and scenes from the movies that can be put on a nail, but I was out of painting space and out of time, so I smudged on a little Chewbacca :)
By the way, I did them on fake nails. I tend to make the more complex manicures on fake nails because I like to save them as a memory (besides photographing them). I'd usually wear them for a longer period, but the challenge doesn't allow me :(

That's it for today! I have a great idea for tomorrow's challenge, but unfortunately I might post it a day later because I have classes from 12pm to 9pm. Monday couldn't suck more.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love your R2-D2, totally cute! Great mani :) For these challenges, do you mimic the design on your other hand? If so, congrats! I do my favoured hand then I'm like 'Screw doing that left handed' and just paint my other hand one colour :p

  2. I tried a couple of times and I failed miserably, so right now I do the same as you do. Sometimes I just stamp something that has the similar look, just so that I don't wear a plain colour :)
    If it took 2 hours on one hand, it'll probably take 4 on the other. I can't bother that much. Especially when I'm supposed to remove it the next day for the sake of a challenge :D


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