Saturday, September 22, 2012

day twenty-two: inspired by a song

Hey everyone!
It's day 22 of the challenge and today's theme is INSPIRED BY A SONG.
Around 2 months ago the Internet was amazed by this Korean performer called PSY with his song Gangnam Style. The video is absolutely hilarious! So, I had to try and make a manicure inspired by the song :)
I'll link the video below, just in case you haven't seen it.

I painted it according to the following photo.

I'm not going to explain the painting process because it took a while and I'd probably have to write a huge list of used products :)

I had some weird reflections, so I took a flash photo as well.

My absolute favorite is the horse on the pinky :D

Thanks for reading & sorry for the short post, but I guess the photos speak for themselves.


  1. omg, your nail art is just amazing, this is even beyond awesome *.*
    and this singer is totally crazy, love him :-D

  2. Oh man! I couldn't stop laughing! Great job!

  3. love love love! such a great inspiration and btw i'm obsessed with this song :D

  4. Love your take on 'inspired by a song'! Dash of humour, and great job with the nail art!

  5. This is just amazing! :D Awesome job!

  6. I LOVE IT! My mates and I discovered this song not long ago and as soon as I saw your nails I knew this was the song you'd chosen! Great work! I love love love it!


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