Monday, October 1, 2012

day twenty-nine: inspired by the supernatural

Hello everyone!
This is a belated post and I'm really sorry for that.
Today I'm going to post Saturday's and Sunday's posts and tomorrow I'll try to post the last challenge :)
The theme was INSPIRED BY THE SUPERNATURAL. I didn't really link past year's challenges, but I had to link this theme because I did the Doctor Who nails, which are one of my favorite designs to date.

For today, I chose a simpler manicure, kind of more Halloween related.

I painted all of my nails black. I stamped a creepy house (BM-224) on my index using a silver polish. Then, I stamped the ghost (BM-223) on my middle finger in white. Because the white isn't very opaque, I used a white acrylic and made it better. On the ring and pinky I wrote BOO! with white acrylic paint.
I couldn't really capture it, but I added a few coats of CH Nail #2, the glow-in-the-dark polish from BornPrettyStore. The effect was very cool, because only the white parts glowed.

Thanks for reading :)


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