Monday, October 8, 2012

kleancolor bite me

Hey everyone! :)
I finally started swatching the Kleancolor polishes that I got a week ago. The reason it's taking this long is that I actually wanted to wear them for as much as possible in order to determine an average wear.

Bite Me is the first polish that I decided to swatch. It's a true red filled with tons of red shimmer along with some silver specks here and there. What I love about this polish is that it's a one coater, but I'm not sure it would do well with stamping as it contains an enormous quantity of shimmer. Being a one coater usually means it will stain your nails if you're not wearing a base coat. Unfortunately, this polish is so opaque that it managed to stain my nails even with a base coat underneath.
There are two more things that I'm not satisfied with. First of all, the brush was so floppy, that it was insanely hard to control and I managed to smudge my cuticles even when I painted with my dominant hand. The second thing was the wear. It chipped after a day and I decided to take it out.
So overall, the shade is very pretty and I'd totally recommend it especially during the Christmas season, but mind the negative sides that come with this polish.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love this shade, I own it too and I can't wait for Christmas to wear it again ;D


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