Friday, October 12, 2012

kleancolor born to the purple

Hey everyone! :)
I took a short break after my birthday, because I felt like I needed a bit of "chill out" time after the 31 day challenge. What I have for you today is another glittery goodness from Kleancolor. Enjoy :)

Born To The Purple is a mixture of smaller and larger purple hexagon glitter suspended in a purple jelly base. I haven't really said much about my thoughts on the Kleancolor polishes because I'm posting them separately, but there are some specific things about the glitter polishes. They do spread nicely, but sometimes you need to tap on the glitter or maneuver it into place. The second thing is that the glitter ones smell harsh. The "regulars" don't smell as bad, but the glitter ones stink! I normally don't react badly to nail polish smell, but they even made my eyes all watery!

Anyway, the polish itself is very pretty. I really like it :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love Kleancolor polishes. That looks fabulous!

    1. Yes! They look absolutely gorgeous, especially the glitters :)


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