Friday, November 2, 2012

kleancolor chunky holo black

Hey everyone!
I have a pretty neat swatch for you today. It's actually one of the polishes that I had on my wishlist for a century, but I either couldn't afford them or couldn't find a proper online shop for them.

Chunky Holo Black is a glittery mix of small, medium and large iridescent hexagons that are suspended in a brown-ish base. It spreads pretty good. Pictured below is 1 coat of the polish.

The glittery particles flash a huge spectrum of colors, but in most light conditions you'll be able to see the red and orange side of it, whereas the green flash can be seen on more extreme angles, such as the one below. I was able to spot a blue flash in the bottle, but unfortunately it doesn't show on the nail.

It is best when layered over black, but it goes surprisingly well with other colors, such as olive green.

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