Friday, November 9, 2012

kleancolor chunky holo bluebell

Hey everyone!
I'm back with another Kleancolor swatch. Before I begin I wanted to give you a little heads up. I won't be able to blog at least for a week. Exam week starts on Monday and I barely managed to squeeze in this post in my schedule, but I didn't want to leave this blog post-less this week :)

Chunky Holo Bluebell is a glitter polish consisted of multichromatic, iridescent particles that are submerged in a very sheer blue/purple base. The particles will show colors from green to orange, which is really nice. Since the glitter isn't made of a metallic foil (like it normally is) it's pretty easy to remove and won't do any damage to the nail if you go for the normal removal method. You can layer it over just about any color without changing it because the base is really sheer. I was disappointed that I couldn't get the bottle look no matter how many coats I used, so I swatched it over a dusty olive green polish :)

Note that Chunky Holo Bluebell and Chunky Holo Purple give the same result on the nail, so you don't need to buy the two of them. Even in the bottle they look absolutely the same. 

Thanks for reading & see you in a week :)


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