Thursday, January 17, 2013

2012 favorites

Hey everyone!
I know I'm kind of late with my 2012 favorites, but I took my time and chose wisely.
I decided to pick a favorite from each color instead of picking top 10 polishes like I did last year.
So, here are my favorite picks of 2012!

Favorite red: Kleancolor Bite Me
Ever since I ordered this polish, I knew it was going to win my heart. I'm not a big fan of red polishes, but this one is really special to me. 
Original post - here.

Favorite pink: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 109
I bought plenty of pink polishes this year, but this one was an absolute winner. I thing you'll agree with me. Original post - here.

Favorite orange: Seventeen Supreme 23
I spent a lot of time searching for a pretty pastel orange and I finally found it!
Original post - here.

Favorite brown: Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black
Okay this one might be a bit confusing, but I did the categories according to the base color of the polish and even though this one is called Chunky Holo Black, it actually has a brown base.
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Favorite yellow: Maybelline Urban Lemon
I don't own a lot of yellow polishes, but this one really caught my eye.
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Favorite green: Deborah Milano Pistache Green
This one had a lot of competition as I always buy a lot of green and blue polishes.
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Favorite blue: Rimmel London Aye, Aye Sailor
I didn't hesitate for a moment when I chose this one. I might even say that it's my favorite out of all polishes that I bought in 2012.
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Favorite purple: Essence Boys Are Back In Town/It's Just a Little Crush duo
I couldn't just pick one of the two, because they simply don't look the same like that.
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Favorite neutral: Rimmel London Alaska
Another winner from Rimmel London. I love wearing this shade in order to achieve a natural look.
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Favorite white: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 115
White base with rainbow glitter? Count me in!
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Favorite grey: Essence Grey-t To Be Here
I had to pick this one because of the lovely pink shimmer. I couldn't help myself :)
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Favorite silver: Flormar 112
Whether you're wearing this by itself or you're stamping with it, this polish won't disappoint you, believe me :)
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Favorite gold: Essence Make It Golden
My favorite gold glitter topper of all time!
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Favorite black: Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 117
I swear this is the last one from the Jolly Jewels collection. Very elegant!
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Favorite special effect polish: CH Nail 02
There were plenty of new nail trends in 2012, but nothing made me as excited as this beautiful glow in the dark polish.
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Well, those were my 2012 favorites. Which ones do you like best?
Thanks for reading!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I LOVE each and everyone of these. You have a great range of collection of colors. I wish I could get my hands on some of these!

  2. what a cool bunch, love them all :D


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