Monday, February 25, 2013

water spotted nails

Hey everyone!
I finally managed to try out this new technique called "water spotted nails" and after a couple of trials I did a decent manicure which I decided to share with you :)

So, how does it work?
It's pretty simple actually. First, you paint on a base polish and let it dry for a while. Then, you take a glass dish/plastic cup and fill it with water (room temperature). The next step is putting a couple of drops of a different polish in the water and waiting for it to spread (like in water marble). The following step is very important for the end result. You take a liquid that has alcohol in it (hand sanitizer, pure alcohol, perfume etc.) and spray it over the cup with the water. The alcohol makes a pattern of holes in the polish that has been dripped over the water. The last step is submerging your nail(s) in the water and you'll have your pattern. Do some clean up if necessary and that's it!

I know that the choice of colors isn't the best, but to be honest I wasn't expecting to post this, but the results weren't too bad. I made the pattern on my thumbnail and my ring finger.

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

flakies: seventeen supreme 103

Hey everyone!
I found another polish from Seventeen with awesome flakies and this one is even better than the last one.

Seventeen Supreme 103 contains duochrome flakies that flash from orange to green. By looking at some photos it's very similar to Essence Night In Vegas, maybe even a dupe, but I don't have the one from Essence to compare. The application is great and it's very easy to remove. The flakies are soft and don't stick out, as well. Here it is layered over Essence Walk On The Wild Side.

Here's a close up :)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 22, 2013

holo love: flormar 392 & stamping

Hey everyone!
You know how holographic/prismatic nail polishes are one of the most wanted thing in the nail community, right? Well, I only had two of them, until a day ago when I expanded my holo collection by one more polish. The thing is, not many polishes here have a good effect, so I don't even bother buying them.

I forgot to take a photo without the stamping, but it's okay, since I only stamped on my ring finger and thumb. Here's how the full mani looked like. I stamped the lightning image from BM-305.

Anyway... Flormar 392 is a holographic polish consisted of tons of silver micro glitter. The glitter is so fine that you don't even need a top coat to make it smooth. Since it's a glittery polish, if you want to wear it by itself you'll need at least three coats, but even with three coats the nail line was still pretty visible. I decided to stop there, but you can try as many coats as you wish. It dries pretty fast and the application is flawless.

Here's a blurry photo for your viewing pleasure. 

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

dots, dots, dots

Hey everyone!
I finally managed to edit some photos that I've taken during the past few weeks and today I'll show you one cute design that I was wearing for a while.

As a base I used Essence Grey-t To Be Here, which is a light grey with tons of pink shimmer. Thankfully the shimmer wasn't showing up too much. I took a small dotting tool and made random dots in red, white and black. I'm really sorry this is a very short post, but I'd rather not write too much for such a simple manicure.

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

avon perfect kiss lipsticks: swatches & review

Hey everyone!
Not so long ago I got a bunch of samples from Avon, including 23 of the 24 shades of their new lipstick line (the one was out of stock, unfortunately). Anyway, I decided to do a swatches & review post while my nails are still growing and recovering :)
This is my first lipstick post ever, since I don't really post about anything, but nails, so bear with me if the photos aren't too good.

1. Fuchsia Flirt: A lovely fuchsia shade with loads of pink shimmer, which is almost glitter sized. Medium opacity.
2. Pink Wink: Bright pink shade with a matte finish. I couldn't capture the true brightness, but it's pretty close to the photo. Very opaque lipstick, one of my favorites in the line.
3. Kiss Me Pink: Medium pink shade with subtle white shimmer. It's pretty sheer when compared to other lipsticks from the collection.
4. Pink Prance: Light pink with a pearly finish. I don't like pearly lipsticks, as well. Very sheer.

L-R: Fuchsia Flirt, Pink Wink, Kiss Me Pink, Pink Prance.
Photo taken with flash.

5. Deep Orchid: Very dark, plum shade with a hint of red. Looks more purple IRL. Very opaque and has subtle shimmer.
6. Plum Intrigue: A plum shade with a matte finish (even though it doesn't look that way in the photo). The opacity is something in between sheer and medium.
7. Loving Lilac: Medium lilac shade with a matte finish. Good opacity.
8. Berry Smooch: Medium berry shade with plenty of white shimmer. Sheer.

L-R: Deep Orchid, Plum Intrigue, Loving Lilac, Berry Smooch.
Photo taken with flash.

9. Mauve Allure: Light mauve shade with a matte finish. Nice opacity. I've been wearing this one like crazy, definitely one of my favorites.
10. Pucker Up Pink: Vintage pink shade with a shimmery finish. Good opacity.
11. Lacy Mauve: Darker vintage pink with a matte finish. Also one of my favorites. Great opacity.
12. Lovey Dovey Pink: Light dusty pink with white shimmer. Very sheer.

L-R: Mauve Allure, Pucker Up Pink, Lacy Mauve, Lovey Dovey Pink
Photo taken with flash.

13. Red Embrace: Red shade with a hint of orange. Matte finish. Very opaque.
14. Smitten Red: Medium red shade with a matte finish. Very opaque.
15. Make Out Red: Red shade with a hint of pink. Matte finish. Very opaque.
16. Racy Red: Blood red shade with a matte finish. Excellent opacity.

L-R: Red Embrace, Smitten Red, Make Out Red, Racy Red
Photo taken with flash.

17. Coy Copper: Brownish red shade with copper shimmer. Good opacity.
18. Coral Connection: Darker coral shade with a matte finish. Great opacity.
19. Caressing Coral: Bright matte coral shade. Medium opacity. One of my favorites.
20. Peach Peck: A shimmery peach shade, sheer.

L-R: Coy Copper, Coral Connection, Caressing Coral, Peach Peck
Photo taken with flash.

21. Undressed Brown: Medium brown with a matte finish. Good opacity.
22. Chic Nude: Nude-ish shade, has a hint of dark pink. Matte finish, medium opacity.
23. Natural Glow: Shimmery pink with gold sheen. Very sheer.
24. My natural lips, for comparison.

L-R: Undressed Brown, Chic Nude, Natural Glow
Photo taken with flash.
The Perfect Kiss lipsticks are nice quality, not the best ones I've used, but are pretty good for the price. I haven't done a proper wear test, but the one shade I did wear didn't stay on for too long. The quality of the lipsticks isn't consistent throughout the whole line - some of the lipsticks have pretty bad opacity and texture and my cause dry lips. Even though there is a wide variety of shades, there are only a few that live up to my expectations.

Thanks for reading :)

The products were purchased by me and this review is based on my own opinions.
I'm not affiliated with the company and they are not paying me to do this review.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

a story about how flickr ruined my blog...

Hey guys!
Some of you may have noticed that plenty of my photos went missing not so long ago.
I was wondering what the hell happened and yesterday I got an email from Flickr, the site where I upload all of my photos, saying they had some issues with their system.
The thing is, I uploaded all of my photos on Flickr and set them on private, since the purpose of my uploading isn't to gain popularity on Flickr, but to use it as a hosting site, since I do believe it has one of the best services. During their problems, all of my photos were set to public and later on reverted to private, but when you do that the links of the photos change, meaning every single linked photo on my blog (and elsewhere) is now gone.
I have to edit all of my post from April to December 2012, plus most of the pages, especially the Swatch List page which was a pain in the ass to be made in the first place and now I have to link 200+ posts all over again.
So, thank you Flickr for this! Because just when I thought my blog was as perfect as I could make it, you managed to ruin it!
I still have one final exam tomorrow and afterwards I'll get straight to fixing my photos.
Thanks for reading this and stay tuned. Hopefully I'll be able to get to blogging soon.