Sunday, February 10, 2013

a story about how flickr ruined my blog...

Hey guys!
Some of you may have noticed that plenty of my photos went missing not so long ago.
I was wondering what the hell happened and yesterday I got an email from Flickr, the site where I upload all of my photos, saying they had some issues with their system.
The thing is, I uploaded all of my photos on Flickr and set them on private, since the purpose of my uploading isn't to gain popularity on Flickr, but to use it as a hosting site, since I do believe it has one of the best services. During their problems, all of my photos were set to public and later on reverted to private, but when you do that the links of the photos change, meaning every single linked photo on my blog (and elsewhere) is now gone.
I have to edit all of my post from April to December 2012, plus most of the pages, especially the Swatch List page which was a pain in the ass to be made in the first place and now I have to link 200+ posts all over again.
So, thank you Flickr for this! Because just when I thought my blog was as perfect as I could make it, you managed to ruin it!
I still have one final exam tomorrow and afterwards I'll get straight to fixing my photos.
Thanks for reading this and stay tuned. Hopefully I'll be able to get to blogging soon.

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