Friday, February 22, 2013

holo love: flormar 392 & stamping

Hey everyone!
You know how holographic/prismatic nail polishes are one of the most wanted thing in the nail community, right? Well, I only had two of them, until a day ago when I expanded my holo collection by one more polish. The thing is, not many polishes here have a good effect, so I don't even bother buying them.

I forgot to take a photo without the stamping, but it's okay, since I only stamped on my ring finger and thumb. Here's how the full mani looked like. I stamped the lightning image from BM-305.

Anyway... Flormar 392 is a holographic polish consisted of tons of silver micro glitter. The glitter is so fine that you don't even need a top coat to make it smooth. Since it's a glittery polish, if you want to wear it by itself you'll need at least three coats, but even with three coats the nail line was still pretty visible. I decided to stop there, but you can try as many coats as you wish. It dries pretty fast and the application is flawless.

Here's a blurry photo for your viewing pleasure. 

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