Monday, February 25, 2013

water spotted nails

Hey everyone!
I finally managed to try out this new technique called "water spotted nails" and after a couple of trials I did a decent manicure which I decided to share with you :)

So, how does it work?
It's pretty simple actually. First, you paint on a base polish and let it dry for a while. Then, you take a glass dish/plastic cup and fill it with water (room temperature). The next step is putting a couple of drops of a different polish in the water and waiting for it to spread (like in water marble). The following step is very important for the end result. You take a liquid that has alcohol in it (hand sanitizer, pure alcohol, perfume etc.) and spray it over the cup with the water. The alcohol makes a pattern of holes in the polish that has been dripped over the water. The last step is submerging your nail(s) in the water and you'll have your pattern. Do some clean up if necessary and that's it!

I know that the choice of colors isn't the best, but to be honest I wasn't expecting to post this, but the results weren't too bad. I made the pattern on my thumbnail and my ring finger.

Thanks for reading :)

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